Cross-country skiing in Kleinwalsertal

Be close to nature and enjoy the peaceful surroundings - away from the bustle of the ski slopes and with great snow conditions from December to April. You can find it on the four cross-country skiing trails in the Kleinwalsertal. Skating or classic cross-country skiing - here you will find both wishes fulfilled.

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Are you a beginner and want to learn cross country skiing?  The ski schools in Kleinwalsertal will be happy to introduce you to the first steps. Cross country ski equipment can be found in every village in the ski rental shops and in our webshop

Did you know?

In summer you can hike on the vitality hiking trails which turn in winter into cross country ski runs. Read about the vitality ski runs and how they are classified into impulses.

Trails in Kleinwalsertal

Steinbock Trail [GPS Track]

The Steinbock trail leads from the entrance to Mittelberg to Baad at the end of the valley. You can enter or exit the route at several points. If you enter in Bödmen, you will find a 100 m-long practice track.

Easy to medium trail - two difficult ascents/descents (difference in altitude 180 m)

Total length

approx. 15 km

Classic | Skating

approx. 15 km | 5 km (Bödmen)


[Bödmen-Baad] Bödmen - Wiesele - Gemstelboden - Baad - Bödmen | approx. 8 km

[Skatingloipe] Bödmen - Wiesele - Gemstelboden - Baad - Bödmen | approx. 5 km

Medium [Ahorn] Bödmen - Gruaba - Mittelberg - Tobel - Bödmen | ca. 5 km


[Duura] Baad - Duuratal - Baad | ca. 2 km 

Entry points

Mittelberg - Tobel | Hotel Alpenrose | Skischule Bödmen | Baad

Stop-off options

Café Malefitz | Aparthotel | Baad

Opening date 5.12.2015 (depending on snow)


Schwende Trail [GPS Track]

Starting in the Ausser- schwende district in Riezlern, the Schwende trail goes via Straußberg up to Gasthof Hörnlepaß and back via Außerwald. At Gasthof Bergblick, you will find large practice tracks for classic and freestyle techniques.

Medium-difficulty trail - one difficult descent (difference in altitude: 150 m)

Total length

approx. 12 km

Classic | Skating

approx. 12 km | approx. 2,5 km


  • Straußberg: Gasthof Bergblick - Straußberg - Gasthof Bergblick | approx. 4,5 km
  • Skatingloipe | approx. 2,5 km


  • Hörnlepass: Straußberg - Hörnlepass - Unteres Hörnle - Hörnlepass - Straußberg | ca. 7,5 km

Entry points

Riezlern - Ausserschwende (Sonnenburg, Bergblick) | Außerwald (Hörnlepass)

Stop-off options

Hotel Bellevue | Genussgasth. Sonnenburg | Gasth. Bergblick | Alpengasth. Hörnlepass

Opening date mid December

Küren-Wäldele-Egg Trail
[GPS Track Küren-Wäldele] | [GPS Track Egg]

Starting in Hirschegg Au, first head out of the valley, then moderately upwards towards Oberwäldele and back to the starting point. Separate trails: Küren (3.5 km) and Wäldele (3 km). You have the option of extending your route to a total of 13 km (Egg trail). Here first head out of the valley, then slightly upwards in a south-westerly direction past the mountain station of the Mahdtallift onto the ridge and back to the starting point.

Medium-difficulty trail - two difficult ascents/descents (difference in altitude 260 m)

Gesamtlänge approx. 13 km
Classic approx. 13km
  • [Küren-Wäldele] Hirschegg Au - Küren - Oberwäldele - Hirschegg Au | ca. 7 km
  • [Egg] Bus stop Sonnegg - Eberlehof - Rodellift - Bushalt Sonnegg | ca. 6 km
Entry points Hirschegg Au | Wäldele | Oberwäldele | Riezlern - Egg

Stop-off options

Schneebar Rodellift | Eberlehof | Gasth. Hammerer | Alpenhotel Küren

Opening date mid December (depending on snow)
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