Time for two?

Knowing that your kids are in good hands

Childcare & Babysitters

On family holidays, time for two is often too short. A few hotels offer childcare - whether it be time out to get a massage or go on a big mountain tour. Find a babysitter or a kids club near your accommodation. They will have a lot of great stories to tell afterwards.

Did you know...?


... can be borrowed in the sports shops. In addition, they are transported by the cable cars.

Cable cars & lifts

The mountain lifts ensure that the whole family can enjoy peak happiness and limitless panoramic views. In some cases, kids can use cable cars and lifts free of charge when accompanied by their parents.
Prices & opening hours


...such as the Kasperle Theater take place in summer and winter.
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„Absolutely stunning...for the kids, myself and just everyone!"
Jan Müller