02. December 2018 - 09. June 2019, daily Event starts at: 09:00 o'clock

Educational Exhibition "Bitter Oranges"

Sounding bells, sweet cookies, bitter oranges. 

The social researcher Professor Gilles Reckinger accompanied migrants from Africa who, as agricultural workers in southern Italy, fell into a modern work slavery.  With photographs, short texts and brief panels, the paths, destinies and feelings of the people become vivid and understandable. 

Pastor Frank Witzel attaches great importance to the fact that this exhibition is just opened at the beginning of the Advent season:
On the one hand, so the pastor, we enjoy especially in the advent season and with good reasons orange and other exotic fruits and spices.  They all have a story in this world that has become like a village.  Everything has to do with everything. 
On the other hand, Jesus himself encounters us in the discriminated and migrating people. From the very beginning of his life he also had a refugee experience because his parents had to rescue him and himself in Egypt from political violence, as Matthew the Evangelist reports. 

For both reasons, the exhibition "Bitter Oranges" is the appropriate preparation for Christmas, and this is exactly what Advent is all about.

Opening of the Education Exhibition "Bitter Oranges" on Saturday, 1.12.2018 at 5 pm in the Kreuzkirche Hirschegg. 
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  • 02. December 2018 - 09. June 2019
  • daily Event starts at: 09:00 o'clock


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