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Sunday, 29 May 2022 - Sunday, 16 October 2022; Daily Event

Exhibition: Art Project 2022 Marco Bruckner

THINK-TIMES-AFTER-WAY Art project by wood sculptor Marco Bruckner

1.) Inclusion (Riezlern Church): Health and education are man's greatest good. Everyone has special skills and competencies that make them special and valuable. Integration means that every person contributes his or her part to society, regardless of what color, race, religion or minority they belong to or what handicap they are. In our society, all skills should be treated equally and valued. Common inspiration and mutual support lead to a fairer society. The "Inclusion" project is shown in a metal circle with two human figures, to which the viewer can integrate and allow "Inclusion" to have an effect on himself.

2.) When the world falls apart ...:
2.1.) Man and nature (Hirschegg Church): Our earth has a limited area that humans and nature have to share. The people spread in all directions and thereby displace nature with its inhabitants. There is less and less space available for animals and plants. The will of man is to strive for faster, further and higher and to change the world. He wants to subjugate the world. He rigorously intervenes in nature and adapts it to his ideas and needs. It is inevitable that an imbalance arises because nature cannot adapt itself to the same extent to the desires and intentions of people. Mutations and changes in the proportions arise. The circular iron plate shows the limited space in which people live in their environment and with nature. The elephants are symbolic of nature. They have to cope with the cramped conditions and lose their balance and proportions. The people live tightly packed, their houses take on strange shapes, as the space is limited. Humans also lose their balance and try to adapt and survive by changing their proportions. Here, too, every visitor can immerse himself in the project.

2.2.) Consumption (Mittelberg Church): Everyone strives for higher, faster, further and for themselves. More and more ... Houses are getting bigger and bigger, the living space more and more, the vehicles even more powerful and the consumer goods are produced in the developing countries as cheaply as possible at the expense of the inhabitants. Our excessive consumption is shown on a round iron plate. Here, too, the visitor can stand in the circle and rethink our excessive consumption.

Date and Time

  • Sunday, 29 May 2022 - Sunday, 16 October 2022
  • Daily Event


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