Ausstellung HINZ und KUNZ in der Stern-Passage | © Andrea KainzAusstellung HINZ und KUNZ in der Stern-Passage | © Andrea Kainz
Sunday, 06 December 2020; Starts at: 10:00 O'clock

HINZ und KUNZ - exhibition in the Stern

"Dick and Harry" - what remains of 900 years Kleinwalsertal.

Important & Curiosities

We present a new exhibition about 900 years Kleinwalsertal in the "Stern". Together with Walser Raiffeisenholding and municipality of Mittelberg, this exhibition was developed under the direction of Andrea Kainz. 

HINZ and KUNZ ("Dick and Harry") are the short forms of the names Heinrich and Konrad and are usually synonymous with us humans.  In the current exhibition are the names for BEDEUTENDES and KURIOSES ("Important & Curiosities") and give a little insight on what remains of 900 years Kleinwalsertal? 

The exhibition lives from a constant juxtaposition of people and stories from the Kleinwalsertal and the world. The exhibition is divided into two sections.  In STERN foyer three blue columns can be seen. Each pillar contains textual content of three centuries each. Here are the stories and figures to find the individual centuries. Afterwards the objects can be admired in the century fountain, which represents the manhole rings. These are standing in the foyer, in the left front store, not to be overlooked. Above individual fountain hangs a quote from a person from the corresponding century. 

Another highlight - the WUNSCHBRUNNEN ("fountain of wishes") ... for heart affairs and much more. The wishes should be submitted anonymously and can later be digitally admired. 

Even children will get their money's worth again ... on the flyer is a little children's quiz which can be solved in the exhibition.  With the delivery of the quiz in one of the shops in the STERN the kids get a surprise! 

And another call to all collectors in Kleinwalsertal. If you want to be part of the exhibition, please contact us, then we can show your exhibition and collecting passion digitally! For more information, please click here:

Admission free. 
Stern Passage, Walserstrasse 61, Riezlern.
Walserbus: Haltestelle Gemeindeamt

Date and Time

  • Sunday, 06 December 2020
  • Starts at: 10:00 O'clock
  • Duration: 1 Days


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