Musikverein d´Hirschegger | © Musikverein d´HirscheggerMusikverein d´Hirschegger | © Musikverein d´Hirschegger
Sun., 01.10.2023 from 11:30 o'clock O'clock

Morning pint at the Adlerhorst with brass band Musikverein d´Hirschegger

A Sunday concert on the Kanzelwand.

It is fun and lively when the musicians get started.

Event location: Kanzelwand-Adlerhorst

The "Adlerhorst" is located slightly below the mountain station of the Kanzelwandbahn and can be reached in about 10 to 15 minutes on foot. 

Date and Time

  • Sun., 01.10.2023
  • Starts at: 11:30 O'clock (Duration: 2 Hours)


Berggaststätte Adlerhorst
Unterhalb der Bergstation der Kanzelwandbahn
6991 Riezlern
Phone +43 5517 52740


Musikverein d´Hirschegger
Walserstrasse 264
6992 Hirschegg