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Movement restrictions
From now on the ability to freely move throughout Austria has been restricted.
Exceptions to these restictions are:

  • Professional (Work Related) activities
  • Shopping for food and medicine
  • Care and assistance for people in need of support.

If you go outside, then only on your own or with people from your household. Keep at least one meter distance from other people.
Ski tours and mountain hikes should also be avoided in the current situation, please keep in mind that ignoring this advice could also endanger and bind emergency services which are already stretched.

Border situation Walserschanz Kleinwalsertal

The border is completely closed from midnight through to 5am.
Outside of these times, the border is controlled on both sides by the Austrian and German police.

Travel from Germany into Kleinwalsertal

In principle, all persons wishing to enter Austria from Germany must provide a medical certificate (not older than 4 days).

Only the entries on the following list are the exception to the rule:

  • Austrian citizens, people with primary / secondary residence, are allowed but obliged to carry out self-monitored home quarantines for 14 days
  • Freight transport
  • Commuting (confirmation required)
    Form for commuters towards Austria to be presented to the Austrian police
  • Trade in services
  • Critical infrastructure workers or people caring for others in need of support and assistance.
  • Emergency services
  • Visits to doctors and hospitals (bring along evidence)

The following are not possible:

  • Excursion traffic, e.g. for the purpose of hikes, ski tours, bike trips, etc.
  • other journeys without good reason

Entry from Kleinwalsertal to Germany


What is the Situation in Kleinwalsertal?

The ski areas in Kleinwalsertal were closed on Sunday the 15th of March 2020 and all accommodation facilities were closed on Monday the 16th of March 2020. The closure is based on the Epidemic Law and is applicable in all of Vorarlberg.

The health of our guests, employees and the entire valley population is our top priority!

If you have booked a vacation in Kleinwalsertal, please contact your accommodation provider.

How long will the ski areas and accommodation be closed for?

The official closure relates to the current winter season, i.e. according to the present information, this is up to and including Easter. We will inform you as soon as further official details are available. We thank you for your understanding.

Is skiing, Winter hiking and cross-country skiing still possible?

No, the ski slopes, winter hiking trails and cross-country trails are no longer groomed, therefore, these infrastructure offers are no longer available.


As a rule, the standard cancellation conditions of your accommodation apply. Your host and, if applicable,  your travel insurance company, can provide further detailed information.

WHAT DO I DO when I am on holiday and suspect that I am INFECTED?

Under no circumstances whatsoever should you go to a doctor's office, remain calm and please call 1450 or 141 immediately.
If it turns out that you are a potential carrier, you will be well looked after and a medical test will be organized for you.


Wash your hands throughly

Washing hands plays a crucial role in hygiene. You can protect yourself  by washing your hands throughly and regularly.


Stay at home with symptoms of illness (breathing difficulties, cough and fever). Contact a doctor or healthcare facility, always by phone first, before visiting.

Keep your distance

Keep your distance from other people. Infection with the new corona virus can occur if you are in close proximity to  a sick person who is less than two meters away and for more than 15 minutes. By keeping your distance, you protect yourself and others from infection.

Avoid shaking hands

Depending on what we have just touched, our hands are not always clean. Contagious droplets of cough and sneezing can be on the hands. They get to your mouth, nose or eyes when you touch them. That is why it is important to avoid shaking hands