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The Nüüs contains stories from Kleinwalsertal - who we are, how we live, what we do. Cohesion, a lot of passion and an eye for details make it possible that we and our guests feel at home. Read here why Kleinwalsertal is special then come and see for yourself!



For Tine's curriculum vitae, it's best to bring a little time with. At 50, she finally feels like she has arrived. A beautiful home in Riezlern, two sons, in love with the right man for 27 years and a happy physiotherapist. 

But in April 2020, a certain virus has the world in its grip. The lives of Tine and her husband Dominik are on pause. He runs the mountain school AMICAL alpin, which fears for its existence at this time and Tine is on short time.

But Dominik is a crisis manager to the core. "Tine, we're taking over the Schwarzwasserhütte," Dominik said. "No way," said his wife. A few weeks later, they are the new tenants. And in May 2020 they goe from 0 to 100. And today, Tine doesn't regret the decision one bit. 

The Müllers knew what was coming. They know the hut life. Dominik as a mountain guide, Tinefrom her grandma and relatives. It is exhausting! In summer there are up to 650 meals a day. In winter, fewer day guests come up. But ski tourers and winter hikers enjoy stopping at Tine's new base camp all the more. 

What is Tine looking forward to? "To everything!" she says. "I've rediscovered my momentum. I know there's more to come." With her team, she wants to redesign the hut, "with concerts and a chill, relaxed atmosphere. A mixture of a place to rest and socialize."


Fresh snow and perfect weather - ideal conditions for a tour, right? But whats do we need to consider when planning a tour? Martin Bösch, Region Manager for the European Protected Area Ifen, tells us why tour planning goes beyond avalanche conditions and weather reports.

The European Protected Area Ifen, Gottesacker and Schwarzwassertal, for example, is an internationally significant karst landscape and habitat for protected wildlife and plants

Anyone who moves in alpine terrain must therefore have a basic understanding of the special features of the natural area in which they are traveling, in addition to avalanche awareness and alpine hazards. Tour planning therefore involves checking not only the weather and avalanche reports but also which protected areas and wildlife rest zones lie along the route and which corridors are open for ascents and descents.

Projects such as Natur bewusst erleben (experience nature consciously) raise awareness of the fact that that you are walking in sensitive natural areas and how to behave there. The point is not to show who has done something wrong, but to record where in the terrain something is happening and how we can influence it.

In the end, we are all united by the fact that we are out in nature, because it is about a special experience -  it's about this certain "outdoor feeling" that you only get in nature. If you understand that you are a part of this or can make a significant contribution so that you can also have these experiences in the future, then a lot will happen.

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If you look up the term "diversity" in the dictionary, the name Dominik Bromm could just as easily be found there. His day is packed: 7.30 a.m. working as a blacksmith in Riezlern, 10 p.m. performance as DJ Craxx in front of 1,200 people. And sometimes he comes home "at 5 a.m., shower, jump into the traditional costumes and stand at 6 a.m. at the wake-up call with the traditional band." The Kleinwalsertaler doesn't like it to be boring!


Three courses at three different restaurants, in between there are new perspectives and impressive natural sites. The culinary hike is from 28th of May to 18th October 2020 and is a journey of discovery for the senses. All you need is a little bit of time and your eyes and ears open. With the motto "Tastefully through the valley", you will find diverse impressions of nature and fantastic panoramic views combined with the finest culinary delights.