Beekeeper Achim Schneider with bees in Kleinwalsertal | ©  Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Dominik Berchtold
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The Nüüs contains stories from Kleinwalsertal, the most beautiful cul-de-sac in the world - who we are, how we live, what we do. Cohesion, a lot of passion and an eye for details make it possible that we and our guests feel at home. Read here why Kleinwalsertal is special then come and see for yourself!

Summer Nüüs 2018 - Best of


When bees start their flight operation, one thing is certain: It's summer in Kleinwalsertal! The whimsical bees breed, Carnica in Kleinwalsertal, is considered gentle and adapts to the climate here. Learn more about the three beekeepers Herta Fritz, Kurt Müller and Achim Schneider, their work and how important bees are for our ecosystem.


Renewing the Ifen ski area also meant a lot of work for Uli Ernst. After the trail to the Ifenhütte was claimed by construction vehicles Uli knew: a new trail was neccessary! Uli Ernst takes us with him and shows us what he had to pay attention to. The mountain guide and alpine trail maker explains with whom he had to get in touch and how such a trail emerges from the landscape and is ready to walk on. Now everyone can explore the Ifen area on this new trail but why don't you come and see for yourself.

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Find what makes you happy and take a chance when you get one - and this is what the 26-year-old Madgelana Mohr did, as her destiny leads her from being an office clerk to live her passion - a life on the alp. For many it's hard to have and live one dream job - Magdalena has two and this in a regular rhythm. In winter, Magdalena works as a machinist at the cable cars of the Heuberg Arena, in summer, on the other hand, it drives her to the Mittelalp into the alpine life in Kleinwalsertal. "Milking is like meditation to me," Magdalena says and we can see the hapiness in her eyes. A story of passion, stoic cows and sunsets ...


A 235 hectare hunting ground is a responsible task for Catharina Zwerger - At any rate, the cook, cowherd, policewoman and huntress do not lack versatility in her life. Cathi wants to change the image of the 'evil hunters' - because watching, counting and caring for the game and the forest is much more what the hunters are concerned about. Some animals must be hunted to ensure the circle of nature. Since the natural enemies of the game have been eliminated and the retreat areas are getting smaller and smaller, often young trees and their fresh shoots serve as feed substitutes for the game. Catharina's duty has more than one purpose and requires and deserves much respect.

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