In harmony with nature

Experience Nature consciously

Natur Bewusst erleben

A small valley with a great diversity of nature. That's why we love Kleinwalsertal. When we are on tour we are fascinated by mountains and nature. In summer we marvel at small masterpieces growing on barren rocks. We enjoy the vastness on a summit or the silence of a snow-covered winter landscape.

Diving in there is a gift. And as we all want to continue enjoying this diversity and uniqueness in the future, there is the initiative Natur bewusst erleben (Experience Nature Consciously) in Kleinwalsertal.


Fern | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Andre Tappe

Respectful IN NATUR | Consciously with one another | Experience farsightness

WHO IS BEHIND NATUR BEWUSST ERLEBEN (Experience Nature Consciously)? We all. Because enjoyment and protection of nature go hand in hand. Everyone is part of this delicate balance. Natur bewusst erleben (Experience nature consciously) is our chance to preserve the biodiversity and the perfect interplay of natural and cultural landscapes in the Kleinwalsertal. With a little consideration and a few tips, your next vacation will leave smaller footprints behind.

HOW DO YOU EXPERIENCE NATURE CONSCIOUSLY? Nature is so much more than the backdrop for unforgettable experiences. It is a habitat for animals and plants. It provides drinking water and supplies us with high quality food. Not only does it provide valuable materials such as wood, it also protects against avalanches and mudslides and regulates the climate. It is up to us to support nature in everything that it does for us. 

If you have any questions or suggestions about Experience Nature Consciously, please contact:

More information about the background of the initiative can be found here.