Naturhotel Chesa Valisa Sommer

ALPINSPA - Naturhotel Chesa Valisa - Wellnessbehandlungen

Wellness - please make an appointment.

Finnish sauna with panoramic window
You will appreciate the beneficial properties of a sauna with regular use within a short time. The number of sauna sessions is between once a week and once a month. In the sauna area are experience showers and a crushed ice dispenser to cool off. A Kneipp basin and a stone foot bath for foot massage activate your circulation. You will find relaxation in the generously designed relaxation room with sun balcony, floating loungers and a unique mountain panorama.

Heated outdoor pool - all year, summer and winter
In the reclining area in front of the swimming pool, there is the unique opportunity to enjoy the color irradiation under a colored light surface device, - free of electrosmog and in the highest purity while refueling.


Magdalena Kessler
Gerbeweg 18
6992 Hirschegg
phone (0043) 5517 54140