Alpe Kuhgehren SommerAlpe Kuhgehren Sommer

Alpe Kuhgehren

Summer season: open until October 20th, 2021. No rest day, only closed in extremely bad weather. Alpe Kuhgehren is located in Wildental. Bus line Nr. 1 - Kanzelwandbahn or Bus line Nr. 4 - Höfle.

* Kanzelwandbahn-Aerie Kuhgehren
* Schwendleparkplatz-Wiesalpe-Kuhgehrenalpe
* Fiderepasshütte- tub alpen- Kuhgehrenalpe

Grandiose panorama. Homemade cakes, soups and snacks. No rest day - open from late May to mid-October. In bad weather rustic room in the old stable.


Höfle - Wildental
6993 Mittelberg
Phone 0043 676 9310 842