Alpe Melköde SommerAlpe Melköde Sommer

Alpe Melköde

Currently closed. Open all week. Melköde is located in Schwarzwassertal. Bus line Nr. 1 - Breitachbrücke then change to Bus line Nr. 5 - Ifen

The Alpe Melköde extends on a plateau in Schwarzwassertal - one of the most beautiful spots in Kleinwalsertal - and is located at an altitude of 1,350 m. Surrounded by green hillsides in a wildly romantic waterfall, offers a breathtaking view of the Hohe Ifen (2230 m), quasi the "home mountain" of the Melköde.


Melköde 1 - Schwarzwassertal
6992 Hirschegg
Phone 0043 5517 30226