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Recharging the batteries in a hut is part of hiking and skiing - here you will find an overview of cabins and huts in Kleinwalsertal. Whether for a snack, for a short refreshment break or a hot meal - look forward to a cozy retreat and that famous Walser hospitality!

Obere Walmendinger Alpe Sommer

Obere Walmendinger Alpe

On the hiking trail from Walmendingerhorn through the Schwarzwassertal is the Walmendinger Alpe.



No day of rest. Only open in winter. Hearty snacks, food and drinks. In winter, the family ski lift Wildental is right on our doorstep.
Walser Bus Line 1 - stop Mittelberg, change to line 4.


Alpe Widderstein (GenussHütte)

The approximately 200-250 year old hut is located south side of the Widderstein massif.

Mindelheimer Hütte Sommer

Mindelheimer Hütte

The Mindelheimer hut is located in the Wildental.
Walserbus line 1 - change to line 4.

Untere Wiesalpe

Untere Wiesalpe

The Lower Wiesalpe is located in the district Wildental.

Closed on Wednesdays.

Walserbus line 1 stop - Mittelberg, change to line 4.


Sonna Alp

Mountain station Zafernalift. Vegan, lactose & gluten-free dishes on reservation.
Walserbus line 1 stop - Mittelberg


Panoramahütte Egg

Summerseason open till 9th of October.

We have closed on Monday + Tuesday.

Very cozy hut with an exceptional panorama on the most beautiful mountains of the Kleinwalsertal!

Panorama hut (summer) open Wednesday - Sunday from ca. 11:00am till ca. 6:00pm ; Panorama hut (winter) open Tuesday - Sunday from ca. 11:00 to ca. 19:00!

Mittlere Spitalalpe Sommer

Mittlere Spitalalpe

The Mittlere Spitalalpe is located in Mittelberg - Baad, direction Derratal.
Walserbus Line 1 - Station Baad.

Hintere Gemstelhütte Sommer

Hintere Gemstelhütte

At the end of the Gemsteltales, just before the pass lies the idyllic Hinter Gemstelhütte with imposing rock walls. Walserbus line 1 - stop Mittelberg Gemse.

Innere Wiesalpe Sommer

Innere Wiesalpe

The Inner Wiesalpe is located in Mittelberg - Wildental.
Walserbus line 1 - stop Mittelberg, change to line 4.

Closed on Mondays.

Alpe Melköde Sommer

Alpe Melköde (GenussHütte)

Open during summer season until end of October; open all week. Melköde is located in Schwarzwassertal.
Bus line Nr. 1 - Breitachbrücke then change to Bus line Nr. 5 - Ifen