Freibad Schwimmbad RiezlernFreibad Schwimmbad Riezlern

Freibad Schwimmbad Riezlern

Water temperature: 24 ° C. Opening times: The pool is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Open from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in bad weather.

A reservation is not possible, there is a limitation to 580 people due to legal requirements. If the maximum number of visitors has been reached, entry is no longer possible for anyone with a season, citizen or Gönschtela card.

Please note

Maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter from people who do not live in the same household.

Keep a minimum distance of 1 meter on all sides.

Keep a distance of at least 1-2 meters in the water

Such as entrance area, sanitary facilities, changing rooms. Exceptions are damp rooms (such as showers). Exceptions are children and people who cannot be expected to MNS for medical reasons.

There is no need to use an MNS here.

The entrance fees are:

Single tickets:
Adults locals and guests with guest card € 4,50 - children € 2,50
Adults without guest card € 7,50 - children € 3,00

Evening tariff from 17:30:

Adult evening tariff € 4,00
Native u. Guests with guest card € 2,50

Ten tickets:
Adults € 67,00
Adults locals and guests with guest card € 37,50 - children and handicapped persons € 24,50
Children locals and guests with guest/children card € 19,50

Season tickets:
Adults about € 110,00 - Children and handicapped persons about € 55,00

* Children's rates are from 6-14 years, children up to and including 5 years are free of charge


Freibad Riezlern
Walserstraße 82
6991 Riezlern/Kleinwalsertal
Phone +43 5517 6125