Naturalpe Gemstel-Schönesboden

Naturalpe Gemstel-Schönesboden (GenussHütte)

Only open in summer. Organic snacks warm and cold drinks. Specialty: warm organic ham from the smoker and homemade organic mountain cheese. The Gemstel-Schöneboden-Alpe is located on the left side of the valley in Gemsteltal. Walserbus line 1 - stop Mittelberg Gemse.

A visit on our Bioalpe is definitely worth it, because with us there's a lot to see. (Cows, cattle, horses goats, pigs, ..)

Opening times

Only open in summer.
From 09:30am to 6:00pm.


Naturalpe Gemstel - Schönesboden
6993 Mittelberg
phone 0043 650 9810028