Physiotherapie "körperg´fühl“ - Eva Rüf-Aberer

Physiotherapie "körperg´fühl“ - Eva Rüf-Aberer

Physiotherapy, heat therapy, electrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound
Walserbus stop Adler - bus line 1

Offer: physiotherapy, heat therapy, electrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound;
Additional courses: Visceral therapy (treating musculoskeletal disorders by means of the organ system), craniosacral therapy, manual therapy after cyriax, mandibles / sting, manual lymphatic drainage (posttraumatic / postoperative). Vouchers available.

Physiotherapy practice "Körperg'fühl" is an elective practice. That means, direct billing with your health insurance is not possible. However, you can partially reimburse the costs with your (approved) physiotherapy and the paid invoice from your health insurance.


Physiotherapie "körperg´fühl“
Eva Rüf-Aberer
Walserstrasse 253
6992 Hirschegg
phone 0043 650 9151132