Sport Rief Mittelberg

Pain in the shoe? Cold feet? Pain on the ankle? Wounded Shins? Blisters on the feet? We can help! We are your specialist for foot and shoe in Kleinwalsertal.
Walserbus line 1 - Tobel stop

SPORT RIEF-SCHUHKLINIK at the beginning of Mittelberg. WIDE OR EXTREME FEET ..... we have an eclectic selection of shoes for hikers and skiers.

We specialize in custom comforts soles and ski boots as well as mountain shoe new soles and shoe repairs of all kinds.

Come to the professionals, Schuhklinik Rief in Mittelberg at the beginning of town & Sport Rief Riezlern opposite the Kanzelwandbahn.


Sport Rief
Silvester Rief
Walserstraße 313
6993 Mittelberg
Phone 0043 5517 5624-12