A holiday with long-term effects

Relaxation in Natur

WAlser Omgang, Coaching and VITALITY MEARSUREMENT

The rhythm of life is reflected in your heartbeat. It's worth listening to it more closely! The measurement and analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) provides reliable insights into the status of your health. As the first certified LifeFire® region in the world and partner of Autonom Health, one of the world's leading providers of health and prevention diagnostics, we make your recovery measurable. Take home valuable health tips from Kleinwalsertal - and start into a healthier daily routine. Find the right vitality trails and the rhythm that is good for you on the Walser Omgang!

Walser Omgang

The Walser Omgang is a movement and vital program to improve the quality of life, health and performance, and is geared to the individual life situation. Therefore the cross country trails and path of the Walser Omgang and certain nature spots in Kleinwalsertal affect your body and spirit. The pulse that best suits your personal recovery can be found by measuring and analyzing Heart Rate Variability (HRV) with the Health Check "Life Fire".

Walser Omgang - Good to know!

What does Omgang mean?

"Omgang" is a word in the Walser dialect and means procession or "omgoo" deal with something or someone. The three impulses stand for three different types of "Omgang".

Impuls REGENERation

Ideal to recover and relax after periods of high mental and physical stress. Pay attention to the brown Walser Omgang logo.

Impuls Activiation

Ideal to stimulate the body and to get it going again after a long period of rest. The orange Walser Omgang logo shows you the way.

Impuls Balance

Balancing mix of both, with activating and regenerating stages. This is what the green Walser Omgang logo stands for.


Do you want to leave the stress of your daily routine behind and relax and effectively recover? Then you need a holiday with long-term effect:

The HRV measurement, your personal health check, can be used to answer questions such as:

  • How do I process stress?
  • How resilient am I?
  • How fast can I physically and mentally regenerate?
  • What is my ideal diet?
  • How regenerative is my sleep?
  • How can I restore my personal rhythm while on holiday in Kleinwalsertal?

At a glance

What does my heartbeat say?

Our heart does not beat regularly, the gaps between the heart beates have different lengths. In this way the heart reacts extremely sensitively to any impacts and sentiments in the form of little changes in the beating rhythm.

What is HRV measurement?

The measurement and analysis of this so-called heart rate variability (HRV) is a medically substantiated method and draws with minimal effort an exact and objective pictures of the physical and mental state, heath, life style and performance which is depicted as a flame in a graphic: the life fire (Lebensfeuer).

Who measures my HRV?

In Kleinwalsertal certified HRV professionals are available for measurement and coaching. They work with the analysis software of Autonom Health, a special software for evalating heart rate variability measurements and developed by physicians, scientists and technicians from the sector of bio signal processing.