A holiday with long-term effects

Relaxation in Natur

WAlser Omgang, Coaching and VITALITY MEARSUREMENT

Relaxation for body and mind. In Kleinwalsertal you can immerse yourself in the fascinating mountain world and leave everyday life behind. What do you need for a relaxing break? The three impulses of the Walser Omgang help you in summer and winter to find the ideal tour for a relaxing holiday. Every vitality trail and every cross country trail has an activating, regenerating or balancing effect on you. Find the momentum you need right now. Stop at one of the Nature Experience Areas, let your mind wander and unwind.

Walser Omgang - Good to know!

What does Omgang mean?

"Omgang" is a word in the Walser dialect and means procession or "omgoo" deal with something or someone. The three impulses stand for three different types of "Omgang".

Impuls "REGENERation"

Ideal to recover and relax after periods of high mental and physical stress. Pay attention to the brown Walser Omgang logo.

Impuls "Activiation"

Ideal to stimulate the body and to get it going again after a long period of rest. The orange Walser Omgang logo shows you the way.

Impuls "Balance"

Balancing mix of both, with activating and regenerating stages. This is what the green Walser Omgang logo stands for.