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Walser Culture – Traditions & Modern art

Its special, without a doubt: Not belonging to Allgäu, but only accessible via Oberstdorf/Germany. A dialect and a tradiontal costume similar to the Swiss, a region with German and Austrian postal codes - this is Kleinwalsertal! Go find the clues! Whether you hike along the Walser history on your own on cultural trails or take a walk through the valley together with  the museums curator Stefan Heim. Many cultural events during the year make the Walser culture come alive: for example, the Alphorn Festival or the Walser Advent. The alpine tradition of the pioneers is still being pursued today. Get to know the Walser culture!

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...was the last stop of the Walser travellers. Why? Quite simple: even the older generation knew it's the most beautiful place to settle.
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The Walser culture is cherished and maintained amongst others, by museum curator Stefan Heim . Book a tour and get more information about its history.
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...take place every week Check out the event calendar.
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