28 Sep. 2020 · Summer Activities
Vanessa Freytag

Kleinwalsertal at a glance - 8 ideas for your perfect short trip

A short break from everyday life, but there is no time for extensive and long holidays? No problem, Kleinwalsertal offers enough choice even for 48 hours off. If you manage to score all 8 points in 2 days, you can pat yourself on the back!

1. Marvel at the view

Cable cars and lifts are not only a means of transport. A ride in the spacious gondolas is an experience in itself. Our summer mountain cable cars and lifts take you to the starting point for leisurely hikes and challenging mountain tours. Or you can skip the hike and come directly to one of the numerous huts for a snack.


Tip: Did you ever marvel at three countries at the same time? The geo-viewing platform on the Walmedingerhorn offers a breathtaking view of the 3-country panorama Germany - Austria - Switzerland.

2. Climb mountains

Of course, the obligatory hike is definately a must. Whether a relaxed panoramic hike or a demanding mountain tour. With our tour tips, everyone gets their money's worth - for a short stay, there are shorter hikes to enjoy and take in the fresh mountain air.


Tip: The early bird... sees the most beautiful sunrise. Arrive at the summit and bathe in the golden light of the morning sun. What a feeling! This is reserved only for the early risers among us.

3. Grow beyond yourself

Are you an adrenaline junkie or mor of a scaredy cat? Whether you are an experienced climber or a climbing novice. Getting to dizzying heights is almost always an encounter with yourself. And the adrenaline kick of rappelling always makes you want more. So lets put on the harness and conquer the rocks!

 Entry on Burmiweg in Hirschegg | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

4. Experience adventures with the whole family

Just be an adventurer climbing, playing and having fun at the Burmi-Weg on the Breitach. While the little Burmi fans face the movement and coordination challenges at the play stations, the grown-ups enjoy the tranquility and the soothing noise of the Breitach. The following break at the barbecue area is a great way to recover from your adventures.

Mountainbiker at a sunset tour | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Lukas Rinner

5. Turn your wheels

The feeling of exploring the Kleinwalsertal on two wheels is simply unique. And what altitude you can cover in such a short time! On the bike you can experience the scenic highlights in rapid succession. Climb a mountain? - check. Enjoy the view and stop for a snack? - check. Letting the beautiful landscape pass by on your way back? - check check check! It's even faster on an e-bike.

6. Make Wellness and take a break

After a long day full of action and adventure, you only want one thing. To relax! It's good that our hosts know what you need for the perfect short-term wellness programme. And you don't even have to miss out on the breathtaking mountain panorama. During a relaxing massage or an activating sauna session you can relax and let yourself be pampered.

7. Simply enjoy

If you only take a short holiday, you need to relax - and enjoy it! And you literally can taste the close cooperation of our farmers, hunters, producers and gastronomy! As a GenussRegion, we focus on seasonal and regional ingredients. With a culinary hike in the valley or a visit to one of the numerous GenussHütten in the mountains, there are enough pleasurable options for the day. And in the evening, our GenussWirte invite you to enjoy creative interpretations of traditional dishes. True to the motto "the way is the destination", you can experience countless culinary moments of pleasure in 48 hours.

8. Think outside the plate

Delicious food is all fine and good, but where do the delicacies come from that are put on the plate? The process for exceptional regional dishes starts with the producer and the farmers. Just like cheese goes into the famous Käsknöpfle or honey goes on bread, our GenussProduzenten can answer your questions.


Tip: If you only have 2 days to taste all the delicious delicacies, simply purchase some for yourself and enjoy a little of your holiday at home from our direct marketers.