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07 Jun. 2023 · Summer Activities | Family
Carolin Schratt

The Big 5: Family hikes in Kleinwalsertal

Pack a change of clothes, mountain buggy and snack and off you go! Hiking with children in Kleinwalsertal is easy. These five hikes are always a good choice, usually offer several places to stop and vacation fun for the whole family!

adventures for the whole family Gemsteltal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Bastian Morell

1. The great nature explorer adventure: discovering nature through play.

Packed in an exciting story about the marmots Burmi and Burmina, the great nature explorer adventure invites families to playfully discover and understand nature. On several hikes through Kleinwalsertal, your kids learn about the connections between nature and its inhabitants, perfect for children from the age of six. For each expedition there is the matching explorer book with tricky tasks and puzzles (available at the tourist office in Hirschegg, german only). Background information and tips on how to answer the questions are provided by research stations that can be found along the hikes, as well as audio plays with exciting stories. Not only the kids have fun solving the tasks - adults also learn a lot about nature in Kleinwalsertal.

The first two family expeditions of the nature explorer adventure, "Wild Animals" (Gemsteltal) and "Schwarzwasserbach", have been waiting to be explored in Kleinwalsertal since summer 2022.

Family hike on Burmiweg | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Oliver Farys

2. The Burmiweg: fun adventure playground & great bbq area

The Burmiweg leads between Riezlern and Hirschegg along the Breitach river and offers plenty of opportunities for playing and climbing. At nine play stations, little Burmi fans can let their imagination run wild and test their climbing skills on the wooden platforms. The path leads quietly and in the shade of the trees along the Breitach and invites you to linger. In summer, the Breitach offers a refreshing cooling.

And when the legs are tired from playing, climbing and romping, the barbecue area at the sulfur spring offers the perfect opportunity for an extensive break.

Hiking in the Wildental for the whole family | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Oliver Farys

3. The side valleys: tours for beginners and families

The most beautiful side valleys of the Kleinwalsertal can also be explored with a large-wheeled stroller or buggy: On the family-friendly loop hikes in the Gemsteltal or Wildental, you will be in the midst of nature on easily accessible paths after just a few meters. With the surrounding mountain peaks always in view, you make your way to the next hut. A glass of fresh milk, a piece of cake or a hearty cheese sandwich will strengthen tired children's legs and make them want to start the next hiking stage or the way back.

The tours to Alpe Melköde in the Schwarzwassertal or Bärgunttal are also suitable for off-road baby carriages. Fabulous views of the Walser mountains, lush green meadows and colorful blossoms reward the challenging passages on somewhat steeper sections.

It is definitely easier to walk on the gravel paths with a mountain buggy. Rentals are available in Riezlern at Sport Kessler and Sport Rief or in Hirschegg at Sport Pauli and Ifensport.

The somewhat more sporty variant is a child's back carrier. A bit more flexible on the road opens up new possibilities to explore Kleinwalsertal. The eight mountain railroads make the ascent and descent easier and take you to somewhat higher realms. You can rent children's back carriers in Riezlern at Sport Kessler, in Hirschegg at Sport Edelweiß, Ifensport and Sport Pauli, and in Mittelberg at Sport Hilbrand.

Hiking with kids in the Haspelwald | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

4. Find the Haspelwaldmändle: Hike with quit fun

Where is the Haspelwaldmändle? Supposedly it lives in the forest of the same name below the Walmendingerhorn. On the way, families pass six stations (german language). If you read them carefully, you can easily answer the quiz at the end of the trail. And with the correct answer, attentive hikers will receive a small surprise at the Bühlalpe (only during opening hours). The quiz and the hike are suitable for children aged 4 and over. Please note that the trail is not suitable for strollers.

experience-station Burmiswasser Kanzelwand | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

5. Burmiwater: follow the flow

The fact that water magically attracts children is something like a law of nature. An entire adventure trail dedicated to this element comes very close to a seventh heaven. From Kanzelwand mountain station to the Riezler Alpsee, the Burmiwasser adventure trail makes children's hearts beat faster. The stepped water course, which is modeled on the natural course of mountain streams, invites children to experiment with pools, sluices and water wheels. A change of clothes should definitely be planned here! ?

Another tip:

Be sure to pick up your hiking pass at the Walserhaus beforehand for a small fee (€ 3.00) and collect hiking points. Children under 14 years get double points - so after these five hikes a hiking pin is certain!

Water-treading basin in Hirschegg Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Dominik Berchtold

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