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27 Jun. 2016 · Summer Activities | Family
Carolin Schratt

The Top Five Family Hikes: 5 Hikes To Do With Children

Nappies, a change of clothes and snacks are all packed and off we go! There is not much preparation to do before embarking on any of the top five family hikes.

Nappies, a change of clothes and snacks are all packed and off we go! There is not much preparation to do before embarking on any of the top five family hikes. These hiking tips are useful in any weather conditions. They usually provide several places to stop off for refreshments along the route and the best of all: the hikes do not cost a penny extra if your family has a guest card that includes Bergbahn inklusive (free use of the lifts and cable cars)!

Wanderungen mit Kindern | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

NEW: Find the Haspelwaldmändle

Go on an exciting hunt for the Haspelwaldmändle, cheeky creatures who live in part of the Haspel Forest that is located beneath Walmendingerhorn. You will come across six stopping places with signs along the route. If you read these signs carefully, you will easily be able to answer the quiz at the end of the trail. You can collect the quiz and a surprise for the busy little hikers at the Bühlalpe guest house.

The starting point is at the Moosparkplatz (car park) in Mittelberg which is located beyond the Walmendingerhorn cable car. You will soon reach the first stopping point via the Stützeweg. You then continue via Erlenboden and enter the Haspelwal until you reach your destination at the Bühlalpe guest house.
The quiz and the hike is suitable for children from the age of four years. Please note that the trail runs over alpine terrain and is not suitable for buggies. You can take part in the quiz when the Bühlalpe guest house is open. The guest house is closed on Wednesdays, otherwise it is open from June to October. The hike lasts 60 minutes.

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1. The Burmiweg: Safe and Fun Adventure Playground & Great Barbeque Facilities

Your children have definitely never seen a playground quite like this. The Burmiweg runs between Riezlern and Hirschegg and along the River Breitach. It offers endless opportunities for play and climbing adventures at nine completely new locations. The great thing about the play equipment is that it has not only been playfully and lovingly constructed but it also offers a safe way to have fun. 

This means that the grown ups can sit down on one of the unusual benches in the shade and listen to the rushing of the water in the River Breitach whilst their little monkeys clamber around on the safe wooden play equipment or hide in the Burmi caves like marmots.
And when their tired legs can no longer play, climb or tumble about (the Burmiweg is also called the Trimm-Dich-Pfad – children’s exercise trail), you can fire up the barbecue next to the sulphur spring or just come again the next day! --> Tour

Family hike in Gemsteltal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Britta Maier

2. Out and About with Prams and Buggies

You can also access the beautiful tributary valleys in Kleinwalsertal with large-wheeled prams or buggies. A tarmacked path leads from Mittelberg to Höfle. You can then continue uphill from the Höfle Bridge along a gravel path to Wildental. You will be rewarded with a view over the Drei Schafalpköpfe and you can treat yourself to a glass of milk and a piece of cake at the Wiesalpe. If your arms are not too tired, you can continue on and stop off again for more refreshments which are also available at the Fluchtalpe. 

The paths to Gemsteltal, Melköde  into Schwarzwassertal and to Bärgunttal are also easy to access and navigate with buggies. There are numerous unique Walser alpine huts along the routes where you can reward yourself for pushing the buggy up the steeper sections with something refreshing to eat and drink.  
Children’s buggies should therefore not stop you from filling your lungs with the legendary fresh Walser air. You can also easily transport your buggy on the Kanzelwand cable car and the chair lifts at Heuberg and Zaferna where the staff will be happy to help you. At the top, you will be greeted by wonderful views along the buggy-friendly hiking trails. 
Hiring a mountain buggy definitely makes the gravel paths even easier to negotiate. You can hire one in Riezlern at Sport Kessler or in Hirschegg at Sport Pauli. 

Burmiwasser an der Kanzelwand | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

3. Burmi Water Experience on the Kanzelwand

The fact that children are magically drawn to water is almost like a law of nature. A playground with water is therefore almost like seventh heaven. High up on the Kanzelwand (where the heavens are much closer anyway!) you can find a playground that fits this description called the Burmi \Water Experience Trail. There will be no stopping the kids as soon as they step off the mountain lift. 

From this point you can follow the water a few hundred metres down the mountainside and watch how it flows along and down the trail through pools, water wheels and locks.
Parents will most likely be able to keep dry and can leisurely amble along whilst the children play. This is a great opportunity to take in the fresh mountain air and the fantastic panoramic views of the Zweiländer region, perhaps taking you a small step closer to your own idea of seventh heaven. --> Let's splash!

Kuh auf der Alpe  | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

4. A Beastly Good Experience: Hiking Among The Grazing Cows

This is a little-known gem of a hike which can only be enjoyed during the summer months. As you hike across the green meadows, your little ones can get up close to all the different types of creatures that they recognise from their picture books. You can set off from different starting points, such as the Panoramaweg above Hirschegg. You don’t have to walk far before you encounter a few horses grazing in a paddock.

When you then continue past the Parsenn lift and along Schwarzwassertalstrasse, you will reach a pleasant path called the Brennbodenweg. On a hot day, it is definitely worth making the effort to take a 10 minute diversion for a cooling dip in the Kessellöcher. Otherwise, you can then follow the signs to the Naturbrücke (natural bridge) where there are lots of sheep, goats and cows to see. Including the time needed to stop and stare at the wonderful sights and views, the whole hike takes approximately 1.5 hours. If you continue along the Mahdtalweg for another half an hour, you will reach the first stopping point where you can have a rest and some refreshments. If you feel like walking towards the centre of Riezlern, the brave among you will be treated to a surprise: a (very well secured) suspension bridge over the River Breitach! --> Tour

Kinder an der Breitach | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

5. Look for Sticks and Build cairn (Steinmändle)

This hike along the River Breitach near to the Breitachklamm (Breitach Gorge) is always an option no matter what the weather is doing. You can either start the hike in Riezlern (downstream), at the Waldhaus (upstream) or take the bus at Waldhausweg. The turquoise-blue glacial water constantly beckons and simply looking at it has a cooling effect. Don’t expect it to be bathwater temperature though! 

The river is fortunately very shallow during the summer months and only has a very weak current. There are of lots of places where you can access the water so there are always plenty of opportunities for splashing around on a warm day.
You can find lots of fantastic sticks in the dense forest either side of the river bed which the kids can use as walking sticks or to wade with in the river. A very special forest pops up all of a sudden a few hundred metres downstream after the Waldhaus Gasthof. You can barely see the River Breitach due to all the piles of stone. Everyone who passes by must naturally build a cairn as this is the foremost requirement of a hike along the Breitach!


Before you set off on any of the hikes, you should definitely consider collecting a hiking pass from the Walserhaus (available for a small charge) so that you can collect hiking points. Children under the age of 14 years receive double points and could look forward to receiving a special hiking pin after completing the five hikes.

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“Dad, look at the Ifen - tomorrow’s going to be the perfect day!” I’m sitting with my daughter, having dinner. I turn to face the window. “See? Red sky at night!” “Yes, and...?” - “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight! Tomorrow we can do the Kanzelwand climbing route!”