Kletterwald Söllereck OK Bergbahnen SommerKletterwald Söllereck OK Bergbahnen Sommer

Climbing Forest Söllereck

Right next to the Berghaus Schönblick at the mountain station of the Söllereckbahn is the climbing forest Söllereck.

Germany's highest forest ropes course offers spectacular views of the summit world. Built in a particularly gentle way, the climbing forest on the Söllereck in the Bergmischwald impresses with its attractive layout and high level of safety thanks to the SMART BELAY and Adventure Evolution System. From playful children's courses to athletic adult courses everyone will find their challenge. Self-assured, all visitors can freely choose their own activities. Fun, excitement and adventure are guaranteed in the climbing forest. Please take the current prices directly from the specified homepage.


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