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1:44 h
218 m
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A project within the literary festival Kleinwalsertal. Sarah Rinderer's texts invite you to a special reading and hiking pleasure. Your virtual narrative path includes several stations in the Kleinwalsertal. Walk the story on foot or digitally.


Seen from Vorarlberg, the Kleinwalsertal is like an island. I too spent the last six months on an island. Where the mountains are in Kleinwalsertal, I saw the sea in Iceland. In search of points of contact of the two landscapes, I transferred the route from the parking lot near Hveragerði to Reykjadalur in South Iceland to the Kleinwalsertal.Los it is "parking lot" turn off the car right a vintage bus left a SUV tire shoulder high dried mud splash in the rear window weather report on smartphone partly cloudy no storm warning backpack from the passenger seat take the loops of the hiking boots tighter pull back the short flashing of the headlights while closing the car along the road follow up to the Walmendingerhornbahn "where the path begins" an information-board blue-tinted environment cartography in broken lines away four hand widths are esbis zum Rauchtalwo the rise begins a bridge without railing After the hairdresser turn left and go up the "Schützabühl" ... "in the back" scattered snowfields except breathless mixture of color pigment particles still foreign language a taste on the tongue with emphasis on the first syllabary in the course of a lateral line a little ro-sa even upwards, past the small hut ... " and opposite "only the softness of bare slopes, there is no longer a long way here under the zafernalift," after the curve, "with the tips of his shoes up to the narrow canyon rush of a waterfall, the river line runs southward in pale, pale shades, the coastline past the Sonnaalp , "by the river" take care not to slip on wet stones dark green on the edges of the moss on the other side rough gravelthe edges through the thick soles of the hiking shoes feel the We g follow for a while and then "next to the road" HÆTTADANGER a square sign with capital lettersWALKING next red outline drawing of a thermometerFARE 100 ° CPERICOLOWithin front of the Heuberglift, "not far" from the way away it smokes only near the hole in the earth seething volcanic mud in viscous ash gray clay particles from the deep to the Schöntallift, at the valley station left s, the small way "along" at damp rockwood bar steps brightly and only recently relocated slightly click when the boiling water stone touches from inside "under" pastel rust blue brownish mud mud crevasses crust riser zone luke warm steam atmetan the surface tastes the new still moist and a little bit after sulfur a few steps white terist the bridge completely wrapped in white steam can not see where it goes on the Schwarzwassertalstraße, to the boiler holes, to the bridge "very close" as the steam lichtetholzwände dark imprint the memory of a damp bath towel at a few places is the river water with stones to small basin stowing the backpack off the footstep the sanding of the walking shoes looseningmoosoft under bare footsoles cold toes in the wind take off the jacket the pulloverHunter down to the waterfall, to the water, warmly into the river on the skin, small bubbles where the hands touch the ground shining moss of the riverbanner kenassgrün sattorange