Sunrise Grünhorn | ©  Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Dominik Berchtold

27 Jun. 2018 · Summer Activities
Carolin Schratt

7 reasons why mountain holidays is better than any beach holiday

Of course, the sparkling sea, palm trees and beaches have its charms. But actually the mountains have a lot more to offer than the blue ocean - do you know why?

1. No risk of swallowing salt water while swimming.

Kessellöcher Schwarzwassertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Andre Tappe

Granted, to swim in the cold mountain water, you have to know all the dodges. Or wait until July. But once you have ventured into the clear, turquoise wet, it is the perfect cooling after a hike or after a leisurely day in the fresh mountain air. The Freiberg lake between Oberstdorf and Kleinwalsertal is a true paradise at the foot of the 1700 m high Söllereck. Really idyllic: The Kessellöcher in Hirschegg-Wäldele hide like small natural pools behind dense foliage. Slip into them and you can cool tired feet or if there is enough water jump right into them!

2. The hangover from the nut spirit is only half as bad as that from sangria.

Walser weekly market | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Justina Wilhelm

The morning after: The weather is probably too good for the hangover mood. But at the thought of yesterday there is still nothing to regret: On the pleasure hike gourmet guide Herbert has made the secrets of Vorarlberg's best Nussgeist tempting - and after the dinner with Walser specialties its digestive effect had to be tested extensively. The second bottle did not make it into the backpack as a souvenir ... But you take home priceless memories of a sociable, cheerful evening.

3. Not even the Gelateria italiana can cope with Walser ice cream from fresh alpine farmers’ milk!

Walser weekly market | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Justina Wilhelm

The new ice cream that Roman Feuerstein virtually sells “from cow” is incredibly creamy. Ingredients are the own mountain milk and many "withouts": No dyes, flavors, egg, artificial binders and gluten. Current opening hours can always be found on his Facebook page Miluh Gelato Naturale. With his Carrettino (Walser: Eiswägele) he is also to be found at the weekly market in Hirschegg. Also some cafés in the valley have their ice cream on the menu. By the way: For ordering the Walser ice, you do not have to complete a language course. Try it out: "Yoghurt-Orange, Blueberry-Raspberry and Passion Fruit-Mango". Or for the purists: "Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. In the waffle. " An guata (enjoy)!

4. No sand toys? No problem! In the mountains, it only takes you and nature!

Cairns at Breitach creek | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

Dear children, forget the sand castles and moats: The cairns forest on the Breitach will be your new favorite playground! The big ones drag the bottom heavy stones, the little ones stack the light pebbles on top of each other ... But beware: do not knock over! Even if you like to go up the mountain, you will always find many stones along the way, with which you can build cairns to mark the way. Speaking of mountains: For those who love to splash with water the adventure path Burmiwasser at the Kanzelwand mountain station is perfect. There you can experiment with water wheels, locks and pumps. And mom and dad can go hiking and take photos of the great mountain landscape.

5. Sand is monochrome. The mountain meadows, on the other hand, blossom in so many colors that counting is barely possible.

Flower field with old Walser house | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Frank Drechsel

Alpine roses-pink, purple-pale blue, egg yolk-yellow and silky white - whatever you call the colors - the sea of flowers that litter the green meadows in May is simply a feast for the eyes. No wonder the cows keep their heads hanging in order to incorporate the juiciest, tastiest flowerheads. So what are you up to? Walk barefoot through the meadows, let our eyes wander or settle down with the picnic blanket next to the path? Without throwing sand from your shoes afterwards. A small hike you may be willing to put up with: For example, an easy hike on the Breitachweg in Mittelberg, on the Riezler circular walk or on the Riezler high path.

6. Ever felt the thrill of the last orange buoy? Then it is now at 2,000 meters!

Schwarzwassertal with view to the Ifen | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

No question, the beginning is always tough. Until your own rhythm is found, the heartbeat settles, your breathing feels right. Here and there a break to marvel at all the stunning views must be. For example, on the small crystal-clear lake, in which the mountains are reflected. Meanwhile, the summit is approaching. Of course, it's still farther away than it seems - the famous "only 10 minutes left" is an illusion, to be honest. And yet: Suddenly, the summit cross shines in front of you in the sun. High-five. Take a deep breath. Maybe you are alone on top. Deep satisfaction. Be proud of yourself. As light as a feather, you walk back to the valley or to the hut – this is the summit rush flowing through your veins. Tour tips: High Ifen - descent via Schwarzwasserhütte, over the Ochsenhofer Köpfe to the Grünhorn, Geißhorn and Kemptner Köpfle.

7. Do not be afraid of jellyfish & scorpions - our wildlife lives wild but does not bite (usually)!

Marmot in the Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Frank Drechsel

Free-running hamsters? Sort of rabbit? Marmots are, by far, the sweetest animals above the tree line - but this is the only commonality with pets. Hikers sometimes encounter them as shy, sometimes as curious. When threatened (dogs, for example) they whistle freakishly and hide in their burrows. Incidentally, the most trusted marmot is Burmi. Also from ibex and chamois is no danger. For them, you often need binoculars or good eyes when they - well camouflaged - jump from rock to rock or rest on high-altitude scree fields. And how about cows on non-fenced alpine meadows? Caution is actually only required when hiking with dogs and when meeting calves. You should not get too close, so that the mother cow does not attack from protective instincts.