Graffiti artist Robert Wilhelm Crystal Ground | © Heim und Gruber GbR

30 Nov. 2018 · Winter Activities
Katharina Kleiter

Because graffiti and boardsports simply belong together!

Snowboarding and graffiti - two subcultures that just fit together well. And one of the slogans of graffiti artist Robert Wilhelm from Füssen, who recently gave a new face to some snowpark obstacles in the Crystal Ground. Literally…

Not for long, till the Kleinwalsertal starts into the winter season 2018/2019. The last few weeks - between the very last autumn hike and the first snowfall - were therefore perfect to pause for a second, to review the crazy summer and to get ready for the coming season. So also in the Crystal Ground Snowpark! Shortly before the start of the winter season - the season at the Crystal Ground Snowpark - the makers have brought the graffiti artist Robert Wilhelm down to the valley to give some of the obstacles a new design.

Graffiti artist Robert Wilhelm Crystal Ground | © Heim und Gruber GbR

Meet the Smurfnobs

The artist, who grew up in Heidelberg, experienced the hip-hop culture of the eighties first-hand and sprayed his first picture when he was 14 years old. With his smurfnobs, he developed his very own, unmistakable trademark: egg-shaped, one-eyed characters, which create a good mood and can now be found in many European cities. And since 2010 also in the Kleinwalsertal, because even then Robert designed some snowpark obstacles.

Now Robert was back in the Crystal Ground Snowpark, this time in the luggage: a lot of markers! Because with his "Oneline Black & White" style, the artist has created a brand new, own handwriting, which is now also on some obstacles in the snowpark again.

Oneline Black & White...

... means that the images will only be created with a marker where Robert drops the marker as little as possible. The images are almost entirely in freestyle mode, and without a detailed concept, which can be seen in this video. A style that can not be found a second time and makes Robert even more of an unmistakable size in the scene.

Graffiti artist Robert Wilhelm Crystal Ground | © Heim und Gruber GbR


With actions like this at the Crystal Ground, Robert manages to combine his two passions of boardsports and graffiti. For him, these two subcultures simply belong together, and what can be recognized by the obstacles and in every single stroke.

For Robert, it's very important in his work acting situationally and getting into the creative flow. In combination with his "Oneline Black & White" style, a large whole emerges, which keeps us discovering new things. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the picture, a moment later we reappear somewhere else and then have an eye on the next little detail. Good mood included!

By the way, if you want to see Robert live in action, you will have the opportunity on the 16th  March 2019 - then he will create more obstacles at the Art in the Park event. All information about the event can be found on time on the Crystal Ground facebook page!