Gourmet Valley Hike Hotel Birkenhöhe | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen |Photographer: Frank Drechsel

10 Sep. 2019 · Culinary
Katharina Kleiter

Culinary Valley Hike!

Yes, that's how it tastes - the golden wandering autumn! In the Culinary Valley Hike this in the truest sense of the word "connoisseurs tour" combine the diverse natural impressions of the valley and panoramic views of the middle height with the finest culinary delights. We have already tested for you before - but we don't want to tell you too much again ?

Enjoy yourself!

Gourmet Valley Hike Neue Krone | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen |Photographer: Frank Drechsel

In glorious sunshine, we are greeted by an already well-laid table on the sun terrace of the Neue Krone in Mittelberg. With a fine aperitif in the hand & sun on the skin, we tune in to today's connoisseur tour and immediately follows the next highlight: Walser Tapas, the starter of the 3-course menu and which we will enjoy today in three different places in the Kleinwalsertal ,

In between, again and again: boundless hiking pleasure from Mittelberg to the district of Ausserschwende, where we will expect the last course in the late afternoon.

Gourmet Valley Hike Hirschegg | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen |Photographer: Frank Drechsel

Well fortified with Walser Tapas, it goes straight up into the air: right next to the Neue Krone we take the way up to the Sonna Alp (note: alternatively & quite comfortably you can also take the Zaferna chairlift and the approx. save 45 minutes on the way up). No matter which variant you choose, above you can expect a phenomenal view. We can hardly get away from it, but knowing what other views (both culinary and scenic) are still waiting for us today, we continue towards Hirschegg. Passing the old sycamore maple, a Haflinger herd and panorama that make our hearts leap again and again.

Shortly before the 2nd gear we will take a break again. To inviting are the benches in front of the small stable, as we could not stop short. The view of the Walser mountain giants Widderstein, Bärenkopf, Elfer, Zwölfer and the view out of the valley via Riezlern into the Oberallgäu is all too tempting.

Gourmet Valley Hike Hotel Birkenhöhe | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen |Photographer: Frank Drechsel

Now the stomach growls a bit. How good that the next gear is not too far away from us. At the Hotel Birkenhöhe, the next sun terrace, the next giants view and with tender pork cheeks and seasonal vegetables a main course, which melts us away.

After this enjoyable break, the next stage and digestive hike will be just right! Also because we know that a true natural jewel is waiting for us right away, for which we would like to make a short detour: the natural bridge! In any weather, at any water level, it looks different, it smells different and sounds different! We are always fascinated again and again.

Gourmet Valley Hike Schwarzwasserbach | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen |Photographer: Frank Drechsel

On the so-called Karolinenweg it now continues between trees. This small, natural cooling in the shade of the trees is doing really well. On the final stretch to dessert and shortly before the last climb, we refuel again at the Schwarzwasserbach - before he flows into the Breitach - fresh energy. A particularly great place to unwind and let your mind wander: the waterfalls at the old power station!

But now, up ... after all, the Austrian court is waiting for us! At our last indulgence station he smells us already - Grandma's Kaiserschmarrn!

Gourmet Valley Hike Genuss- und Aktivhotel Sonnenburg | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen |Photographer: Frank Drechsel

In the beautiful garden of the Genuss- and Aktivhotel Sonnenburg with its old trees, the view into the valley and a pleasant wind in the nape, we let us then taste the sweet pastry with homemade applesauce. In the head all the beautiful (indulgence) moments of today: meadow, forest, water - as varied as the surroundings were on the hike, as versatile is the Kleinwalsertal. With the tasty dishes of the three gourmet chefs it's  an unforgettable experience.

Maybe we should do a test tour again? ?

Gourmet Valley Hike Hotel Birkenhöhe | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen |Photographer: Frank Drechsel

Acquired a taste?

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