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Bergschule Olli Sinz

Mountain school
Private ski courses, freeride, ski tours, hiking, via ferratas, mountaineering, alpine tours...
Life is too short for sometime!

Where should it go?

... out of course, out into the mountains, into nature, into the snow, out of your comfort zone.
... to the most beautiful, lonely places where ibex, eagles and chamois say goodnight to each other.
... where the sun disappears behind the mountains in the evening and rises again in the morning.
... where perhaps no one has ever been before.
... where you say “you” to each other, respect, help and support each other.
... where peace, quiet and active relaxation are good for you.
... where you forget everyday life.
... where you lie in alpine meadows and count Edelweiss.
... where during the day your backpack feels tight, your socks stink and sweat runs down your face.
... out into the snowstorm, out into the rain, out into the blazing sun.
... out into the steep walls, over crevasses and narrow ridges.
... where you sit comfortably together in the evening, get to know each other, tell each other stories and drink a glass of wine together.
... where you just say “WOW”.

* * I look forward to you!!

* * state-approved Mountain and ski guide
* * state-approved ski instructor
* * licensed ski instructor Vorarlberg
* * Instructor for the alpine part of the ski instructors/ski guides


Olli Sinz
Bödmerstrasse 27
6993 Mittelberg
Phone +43 676 5845 391