Bruder Klaus Kapelle | © Bruder Klaus Kapelle | Monika GmeinerBruder Klaus Kapelle | © Bruder Klaus Kapelle | Monika Gmeiner

Bruder Klaus chapel

The Brother Klaus chapel is located in Hirschegg, district Wäldele.

This idyllic chapel, a wooden building with shingle roofing and bell roof rider, greets from a hill in the hamlet of Wäldele in Hirschegg. The author of the plan and the authoritative operator of the chapel building was the local pastor Bachmann. In 1950, at the feast of St. Stephen, the small mountain church was inaugurated, in honor of the Swiss national saint "Nicholas of the River". The local carver Andreas Pretzl created the wood sculpture "Madonna with Child". She was donated by a Walser. The wood-carved antependium relief "Hirsch an der Quelle" comes from L. Bachmann, a niece of the pastor. The altarpiece represents the patron saint.