Schwendeloipe Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus | Dominik BerchtoldSchwendeloipe Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus | Dominik Berchtold

Cross country Schwende

Medium-difficulty cross country trail - classic style, a difficult descent, skating track, practice trails in the area "Bergblick".
Walserbus line 2 (Schwende), stop Sonnenburg or Bergblick.

With Doppelstock it goes from the Außerschwende over a level and you get quickly to the rise, which is interrupted again and again by flat pieces. Nature sets the rhythm for breathing and heartbeat and activates all cells and senses of the body. The effort to get into the Außerwald is perceived only moderately by the beauty of snowy nature. This was once a transition to Walsertal and today the turning point and the highest point of the trail beyond the state border. The downhill turns the mood and lets forget the effort. Very rhythmically, the trail meanders towards Straußberg. When you arrive at the starting point, you feel the activation in your arms and legs and how the circulation supplies the whole body with energy. Length approx. 12 km, difference in altitude approx. 150m.

There are rest and refreshment stops along the trail.

Opening times

The opening times of the trails depend on the snow conditions!


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