Eggloipe Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus | Dominik BerchtoldEggloipe Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus | Dominik Berchtold

Eggloipe - Cross-country-skiing

Medium-difficulty cross-country ski run - classic style, a difficult descent or ascent to the Küren-Wäldele-trail. Start Riezlern Egg or Obere Eggstrasse.
Walserbus Line 2, stop Erlebach.

The Eggloipe is with its constant "ups and downs" and the changes of direction a rollercoaster of emotions. The view sweeps once in the direction of Allgäu and immediately afterwards in the direction of the valley, one is torn between the mighty Widderstein and the Grünten. Pass the Eberlehof and continue until you are at eye level with the mighty Schwende bridge - here is the big turning point, where it goes into the valley. Again and again, the relaxation is interrupted by passages of tension and you come back to the starting point. Length: approx. 4 km, difference in altitude approx. 100 m, connection to the Küren-Wäldele trail, then approx. 13 km in total.

There are rest and refreshment stops along the trail.

Opening times

The opening times of the trails depend on the snow conditions!


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