Leidtobel-Kapelle Maria Hilf Hirschegg | © Stefan HeimLeidtobel-Kapelle Maria Hilf Hirschegg | © Stefan Heim

Leidtobel chapel Maria Hilf

The Leidtobel chapel is located on the footpath (Leidtobel-Breitachweg) from Hirschegg to Riezlern.

Since the yeah 1730, a Madonna chapel was built in the Leidtobel (= wild canyon). It was right next to the old main road to Mittelberg-Riezlern. Church caretaker Leo Mathis and pastor Anton Schäfer set in 1892 the initiative to build the current chapel. The property is provided by Daniel Schuster free of charge and the stone material was also supplied by the Hirschegger free of charge. The construction costs could be covered by voluntary donations. The painter Josef Reich from Bizau in 1919 took the figure "Maria mit Kind", a work of art from the Allgäu around 1510. It was completed in 1919 by Auxiliary Bishop. Waitz consecrated. The crown of this Gothic sculpture carved Ferdinand Keßler from Riezlern. The chapel itself was inaugurated in 1919 and awarded the measurement license. In 1935, the extension was made by an octagonal round building on the north side. Our Lady also received great reverence in the new sanctuary, especially in the years of the two world wars.