Bergsommer Riezlern Kirche | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus | Steffen BerschinBergsommer Riezlern Kirche | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus | Steffen Berschin

Parish church Meine liebe Frau von Jerusalem

The parish church Maria Opferung is located directly in the center of Riezlern, Alte Schwendestraße 1. You can find the contact details of the parish association here.


The year 1471, visible in the vestibule of the church, is reminiscent of the first chapel. In 1493, a gothic-style church was inaugurated and a cemetery was built. Riezlern belonged parish to Oberstdorf and thus to the Diocese of Augsburg, while Mittelberg and Hirschegg were in the territory of the diocese of Constance. The Breitach, the main river of the valley, was until 1816 as the official diocese border. In 1508, the parish of Riezlern took place, which brought much relief for the faithful. The first pastor was Johannes Vogler. 1684 and 1720 were major structural changes. The church was extended and baroqueized. The then erected baroque high altar with the year 1706 came in 1841 in the poorhouse to Mittelberg and is now in the local parish church. The tower was raised in 1844 and the pitched roof replaced by a dome. In 1889 the dilapidated church including the tower was demolished and a new, built in the neo-Romanesque style. There was also the reburial in the new cemetery. Martin von Feuerstein, the well-known Munich professor, created the splendid paintings in casein technique in 1903/1904 with his master class. They are among the most beautiful in southern Germany, which is why the church could be called a true flint museum. The baptismal font with Gothic ornaments bears the date 1608. In their hometown Riezlern celebrated Josef Senn (1962) and Jodok Müller (1989) their primacy.

Opening times

Masses: Sunday 09.00 am, in the evening at 07.00 pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month and according to the notice board.