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Parish church St. Jodok - Mittelberg

The parish church of St. Jodok is located in the center of Mittelberg. You can find the contact details of the parish association here.

Very soon after their settlement in the 13th century, the Mittelbergs built a first place of worship. A stone with the year 1302 on the outside wall of the choir should be considered as proof of the existence of a small sacral building. In 1390, a new chapel with altar and cemetery was inaugurated. As early as 1391 Mittelberg was raised to an independent parish. Until then, the place belonged Pfarrlich to fish in the Allgäu, where the believers had to go the approximately 20 km long arduous Mess- and corpse trail. Mittelberg belonged to the diocese of Constance. At that time the catchment area of ​​the parish extended from Baad via Hirschegg to the Schwende and the parcels Letze and Zwerwald. In 1463, a new church was built. Its current appearance was the parish church in 1693 by a seven meter extension and the construction of the sacristy and a gallery. An avalanche had invaded the nave this year, so the main entrance was walled in and two side doors were opened. The tower, the landmark of the village, bears the year 1371 on the northwest side. Tradition has it that about 40 years were built on this 66 m high tower. Noteworthy are the restored late-Gothic frescoes around 1470, which give the parish church a special atmosphere. The murals once represented the "biblia pauperum", the Bible for believers ignorant of reading. An art historical treasure is the baptismal font with the year 1495. It has the shape of an octagonal chalice and shows the signs of the four evangelists and of St. Jodok, as well as the coat of arms of the Austrian ducal house (Bindeschild) and the coat of arms of Katharina of Saxony, the second wife of the prince archduke Sigismund of Tyrol. He had given the baptismal font to the Walsers.

Worth seeing are also the late Gothic relief busts of St. Jodok and hl. John with Christ, the "Pantocrator", as well as a pieta from the 17th century and the Baroque arched cross with three putti. On the round ceiling painting is the hl. Jodok in the robe of a monk and discarded royal crown and the Walser saint Theodul represented as a bishop with a bell and a devil, both hovering over the village Mittelberg. Georg Willam (1981) and Stefan Biondi (1983) celebrated their primacy in their hometown Mittelberg.

Opening times

Masses: Saturday 7.00 pm (January, March, May, July, September, November) < monthly change > Sunday 10.30 am (February, April, June, August, October, December),

in the evening at 07.00 pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month and according to the notice board.