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Walser Rescue

The Walser rescue is located at the entrance of Riezlern.
Walserbus line 1 - stop Riezlern Post

Emergency calls are free
both from the telephone booth and from the mobile phone. You do not need coins in phone booths, just pick up the handset and dial. For mobile phones - even without a SIM card inserted - the emergency call works well.

Important when sending an emergency call are the five W's. In order to be able to send you the right help, the duty officer in the control center must receive important information from you.
What happened?
Describe the event as short as possible but as accurate as necessary: ​​eg: fire, unconscious person, traffic accident with trapped persons, dangerous goods accident.

Where did it happen?
Give the place where the help is needed as accurate as possible. (Street, house number, district, ...). The more accurate the location, the faster the rescue workers will find the location.

How many injured persons?
Describe exactly how many injured people have to be cared for and what kind of injuries are present. Are people trapped?

Who reports the event?
Please give your name and phone number for any questions. If possible, stay within range of the phone.

Waiting for questions!
End your call only if the duty officer of the control center has no further questions. Inaccurate or forgotten information can lead to significant time delays in initial care.


Walser Rettung
Walserstraße 24
6991 Riezlern
Phone +43 5517 3089