Schwefelquelle Hirschegg Sommer | © Kleinwalsertal TourismusSchwefelquelle Hirschegg Sommer | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus

sulfur spring

If you take the Breitachweg to Riezlern after the Leidtobel bridge, you will reach the old sulfur spring in about ten minutes.

"Mineral Spring Höll" is the name of the place where a well and benches are located. Already several hundred years ago, the Walser got this water. The cure for rheumatism, respiratory diseases and circulatory problems was already known to them. Also the place Baad possessed such a source, which however dried up around 1860. The sulfur source "In der Höll" was recast in 1966 and obtained a scientific report from the University of Freiburg. This speaks of a so-called cold sulfur source. The water exits in a niche in flysch rock and is bacteriologically flawless. The smell of hydrogen sulfide is clearly noticeable. And since it should also smell like sulfur in hell, the Walser gave this mineral spring at the Breitach the name "in the hell".


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