Literaturfest 2019 | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Fotograf: Philip Herzhoff Literaturfest 2019 | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Fotograf: Philip Herzhoff

Walk between Word and Valley

Festival of literature kleinwalsertal

Take your time. Hike, take a walk. Listen to a reading, music. »being« is the motto of the third literature festival Kleinwalsertal from 24th -25th June, 2023. Let's bring together literature, nature and movement this year. After the "opening up" and "crossing" of the first two editions of the festival, this term is also historically inspired. For Walser's migratory movement across borders and topological obstacles was a prerequisite for BEING here now in this moment.

hiking between alpine studios, reading places and Jazz

The opening of the Festival  of Literature Festival  of Literature 2023 was made by the Alpwerk on Saturday evening. Already the location was extraordinary: The stable of the Biohof Feurstein was transformed into an atmospheric space for the opening. The impressions and experiences from the alpine studios were presented. Because, what happens when you send three authors, a musician and a photographer to different huts in Kleinwalsertal for a week? Moderated by Ines Strohmaier, the visitors to the Alpwerk had the opportunity to see the mountain world through the eyes of the artists.

The different facets that make up life and being could be experienced during the walk between word and valley on Sunday. After a cozy get-together at the Auenhütte and refreshments, visitors were able to curate their own personal route. In the "Denkboden" of the Auenhütten, students from Kleinwalsertal presented a joint project with the BORG Egg and the Maria-Ward-Schule Kempten. Within a very short time, the reading by Verena Roßbacher immersed the audience in the life of "Charly Benz", the heroine of her novel "Mon Chéri und unsere demolierten Seelen". The quieter tones of life were palpable at Antonie Schneider's reading in the Alchemilla Herb Garden. She read from her poem "Hillel - Song of the Gardens", published in 2022. The reading by Sascha Garzetti focused on the story of the relationship between Anna and Leon. The Bruder Klaus Chapel, located on a hill, became the setting for a fusion of language and music. Carolyn Amann, language artist, playwright and dramaturge read from her text "The Spirit of Things". Her reading was accompanied and enriched by the trumpet sounds of Martin Eberle and Tobias Vedovelli on double bass.

Carolyn Amann continued this walk across genre boundaries together with Philip Yaeger and the Jazzorchester Vorarlberg on Sunday evening at the conclusion of the Festival of Literature. At the Naturhotel Chesa Valisa, a final language and concert experience awaited with the piece "Petit Mal", which had premiered only a week earlier.