19 Apr. 2023 · Culture

Festival of Literature 2023 - Get to know artists

"being" is the motto of the third literature festival Kleinwalsertal from June 24-25, 2023, under which we think together literature, nature and movement this year. Surrounded by the Kleinwalsertal mountain scenery, we invite you to a wide variety of walks "between word and valley". Get to know the artists and authors you will meet in their alpine studios and at special reading places.

Romina Nikolić | © Romina Nikolić | Fotograf: Tina Peißker

Romina Nikolić
Author and literary mediator

Hut: Bühlalpe

Born in 1985 in Suhl, lives in Jena. Studied literature and philosophy in Jena and Braunschweig. Founder of the independent publishing project LoveCrimeBooks and literary mediator for the Literature & Art Castle Ranis. Also curates and organizes reading series, workshops, literary projects and publishes anthologies. As an author, she writes primarily poetry. Most recently, her volume Unterholz was published in 2023.

Valeria Anna Lampert

Valeria Anna Lampert

Hut: Bärgunthütte

Born in 1991 in Feldkirch, lives in Vienna. Studied psychology as well as journalism and communication sciences at the University of Vienna and graduated from the Leonding Academy for Literature. With her short story "Unvoll" she won 2nd place at the FM4 Wortlaut last year. She is currently a psychotherapist in training and working on her first novel.

Samuel J. Kramer | © Samuel J. Kramer |Fotograf: Christoph Reichmann

Samuel Kramer
Author and activist

Hut: Obere Lüchlealpe

Born in 1996 in Gießen. Lives and works in Offenbach and Frankfurt am Main, where he also studies philosophy. Writes and speaks a lot about the destruction of planetary livelihoods. For his texts, which he publishes in anthologies and magazines as well as presents at readings worldwide, he received the 2021 Open Mike Poetry Prize and the Wortmeldungen Förderpreis.

Dominik Buda  | © Dominik Buda | Fotograf: Natalie Paloma

Dominik Buda
Photographer and artist

Hut: Schwarzwasserhütte

Born in 1992 in Vienna, lives in Vienna. Studied art and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Friedl Kubelka School. His works, which focus on attentive observation and questioning of one's surroundings, were most recently on view at Park View Gallery SWCAC in Shezhen, China.

Philip Yaeger | © Philip Yaeger | Fotograf:  Georg Cizek-Graf

Philip Yaeger
Trombonist and composer

Hut: Bernhard's Gemstelalp

Born 1976 in Maine (USA), lives in Vienna. Studied jazz trombone at William Paterson University of New Jersey and Kunstuniversität Graz. As a trombonist and composer he combines jazz, soul and rock with elements of modern classical music. But lyrics and poetry are also part of his artistic work. His pieces are regularly performed by Austrian ensembles such as the Jazzorchester Vorarlberg.

© Copyright Christian Geyr

Verena Roßbacher
About the demolished soul of a hotel heiress

Place: Library Alpenhotel DAS KÜREN

Witty, quick-witted, disoriented - this is how the main character Charly goes through life, which Verena Roßbacher created in her novel "Mon Cheri und unsere demolierten Seelen". And in the process, both Charly and the author are amazingly successful: awarded the Austrian Book Prize 2022, the Vorarlberg native is currently conquering the sympathies of her audience in no time at all.

Let the hotel library transport you to a dusty hotel in Bad Gastein and humorously explore with Charly nothing less than the big questions of being: Birth, death, the meaning of life.

Sascha Garzetti  | © Sascha Garzetti | Fotograf: Fritz Bosshardt

Sascha Garzetti
From the Naturzeithof to the Mediterranean Sea

Place: Stadl of the Naturzeithof

The Swiss author Sascha Garzetti likes to be on the road, often - like the audience at the reading hike - on foot. As a close observer, he incorporates into his award-winning poetry and prose what he encounters in a wide variety of places.

Journey next to forests and alpine meadows in the Stadl of the Naturzeithof with his atmospherically dense prose text Anna and Leon through the Gulf of Naples to the southern Italian island of Procida. On the road with the characters, this backward-remembered relationship story invites you to notice small gestures that are otherwise all too easily overlooked.

Antonie Schneider | © Antonie Schneider | Fotograf: Heike Bogenberger

Antonie Schneider
Song of the gardens at the herb farm

Place: Herb farm Alchemilla Montana

Poems and the smell of fresh herbs. At the Alchemilla Montana farm of herbalist Lydia Fritz, author Antonie Schneider awaits you. The author of numerous internationally awarded children's books from the West Allgäu often seeks the connection to other art forms. This is also the case in her poem HILLEL - LIED DER GÄRTEN, published in 2022 and printed on handmade paper, with scriptures by the artist Angelika Kaufmann. Listen with a view of the blooming garden lyric poetry that tells of loss, desire, VertriebenSEIN and longing, as well as the subsequent conversation of the author with Frauke Kühn.

Carolyn Amann with trumpeter Martin Eberle
Language & Jazz in the Chapel

Place: Bruder-Klaus Chapel

Go to the hill in the hamlet of Wäldele and to the idyllically situated chapel. Go there with Carolyn Amann and her text Der Geist der Dinge (The Spirit of Things) on a search for traces of entanglements of BEING, beyond the human and beyond. The language artist, playwright and dramaturg likes to develop and present her works in collaboration with musicians, most recently in the form of opera libretti. And this time, too, language does not remain alone, intertwining with the wide musical spectrum of trumpet sounds by Martin Eberle, the leader of the Vorarlberg Jazz Orchestra - from traditional and virtuosic to open and unpredictable.

School project »To be continued«
Pupils of the school center Kleinwalsertal, the BORG Egg and the Maria-Ward-School Kempten

Place: Thinking floor of the Auenhütte

A story that overcomes national borders and mountains? Three school classes from Kleinwalsertal, Bregenzerwald and Allgäu have embarked on this exciting writing process as part of to be continued. Professionally accompanied by Ines Strohmaier, they jointly wrote a fictional continuation story on the subject of "to be" in the run-up to the literature festival. From the Kleinwalsertal School Center, the story moves on to classrooms at the BORG Egg and the Maria Ward School in Kempten. At the reading by the students in the Auenhütte think tank, find out how it finally found its way back to Kleinwalsertal.