Hiking on rainy days | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Dominik Berchtold

26 Sep. 2018 · Summer Activities
Hiking on rainy days | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Dominik Berchtold
Louisa Hieke

11 Kleinwalsertal Rain-Rules

You have planned your vacation without rain? Do not worry, we'll start with the best indoor and outdoor tips for the sporty, the thirsty and the adventurous!


Do you still have your yellow rain boots in the closet? And what about the rain cape hidden under the bike saddle? Pack it all up & you are well prepared for vacation in the beautiful mountains of Kleinwalsertal.

Breitachklamm in Summer | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Steffen Berschin

Rule No. 1: Let yourself get fascinated!

Imagine waterfalls, surrounded by dripping rock walls - a soughing sound in your ears ...

The ultimative tip after rainy days or in light rain are the geotopes of Breitachklamm in Kleinwalsertal and Starzlachklamm in Burgberg.

Tip: Hike to Breitachklamm

Flowers with view at Widderstein | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Carolin Schratt

Rule No. 2: Get aware of the nature!

Lush green ferns, mosses and leaves in the forest, meadows, sprinkled with colorful swabs - sometimes sun-yellow, lavender-lilac or alpenrose-pink - even on rainy days the colors shine and lure the sun out again. How about a breakfast on the Inner Wiesalpe or on the Walmendingerhorn? Get into the cable car and start your day comfortably - who knows, the clouds clear quickly ...

Tip: Find easy hiking trails on rainy days

Kessellöcher Schwarzwassertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Andre Tappe

Rule No. 3: Let's be a little bit romatic!

Thundering waterfalls so loud and intoxicating. Clear natural pools simply refreshing and hidden in the woods. On the way over the Brennboden to the natural bridge, there is much to see. You can enjoy it after it rained heavily on a hot summer day ... but psst! Let's keep it a secret to keep the romance alive!

Tip: The tour along the Schwarzwasser creek is part of the Walser Omgang and leads directly past the Kessellöchern.

Hiking on rainy days | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Dominik Berchtold

Rule No. 4: Just do it!


Cows, goats, horses and donkeys are also in the rainy weather in the pasture - so, dear kiddies, put on your rain boots and go have fun! Who hops into the biggest puddle certainly gets the most chocoalty hot chocolate!

Info: In Kleinwalsertal and also in Oberstdorf there are numerous wide and easy hiking trails, which are well accessible even in rainy weather.

Historic Bridge in Riezlern | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Katrin Berchtold

Rule No. 5: In the tracks of the Walser!

You hear many legends and stories but the best and truest Walser stories still tell the eyewitnesses. On the hikes through Riezlern, Hirschegg and Mittelberg, atonement crosses, Walser houses, chapels and bridges portray the stories of the Walser in their very own way. And the best is, that you can also can listen to it on a potcast!

Tip: Cultural hike through Kleinwalsertal


If your holiday is not spectacular enough yet, it will now be action packed and full of knowlegde!

Experience guided tour through the private brewery Zötler | © Private brewery Zötler

Rule No. 6: Broaden your horizon!

Do you know how the alcohol comes into the beer or the fruit on the tree into the liqueur bottle? Find out more during a guided tour through a beer brewery or schnapps distillery in the region.

Privat-Brewery Zötler - Oldest family brewery in the world
Allgäu Distillery

Tip: Extend your holiday & take beer specialties and Allgäu Schnapps home with you!

Climbing hall informpark Oberstdorf | © informpark Oberstdorf

Rule No. 7: Team up!

Higher and higher, the adrenalin goes up - which step will I take next? Even climbers will not come out of training on rainy days and can really challenge themselves while indoor climbing and bouldering, improve their strategies and achieve success.

informpark Oberstdorf
swoboda alpine in Kempten
Kraftwerk in Biessenhofen

Tip: The very small action heroes should not miss a visit to Allgäulino in Wertach!

Water park Wonnemar from the inside | © Wonnemar Sonthofen

Rule No. 8: You are never too old!

Water slides are just for kids? No way! The more overcoming it takes, the more fun it is to go down the black hole in the dark or look down in the kamikaze slide.

Tip: In the morning, 20 tracks to wake up, then slide down the Crazy River and for connoisseurs we recommend a heat up in the saune with the herbal infusion.

Wonnemar Sonthofen
Aquaria in Oberstaufen
Alpspitz-Bade-Center in Nesselwang

Inatura Dornbirn | © Inatura Dornbirn

Rule No. 9: Stay curious!

Encouraging Gentoo penguins to swim in the competition, explore the heat zones of your own body, observe an avalanche from a bird's eye view and discover the exciting myths of the oceans - sounds like the coolest rainy day of all time!

A visit at Inatura in Dornbirn and SEALife in Konstanz offers the full amount of knowledge to see, feel, listen and marvel.

Schloss Neuschwanstein | © Bayrische Schlösserverwaltung | Fotograf: Thomas Wolf

Rule No. 10: Be King for a day!

Well admitted, that will not work quite well. But to get a glimpse into the life of King Ludwig II. and to imagine how he went up and down in the throne room making important decisions, sounds exciting! And what has Richard Wagner to do with King Ludwig II.? Find out!

Neuschwansetin Castle in Füssen
Castle Hohenschwangau in Schwangau

Ski museum at Walserhaus | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

Rule No. 11: Time travel into the past!

How did the Romans live in Oberallgäu? On which boards did the Walser learn to ski earlier? Why do you get the feeling of being at the South Sea instead of being in the Allgäu, surrounded by turquoise sea, beach and palm trees? We also wonder about many things ...

The explanations can be found in the Cambodunum in Kempten, in the ski museum in Hirschegg and in the South Sea collection in Obergünzburg.