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24 May. 2016 · Culinary | Summer Activities
Carolin Schratt

Warm-Up Plan for the Walser Gourmet Food Festival

The Walser Gourmet Days Food Festival takes place at the end of May/beginning of June each year. We recommend that all our visitors prepare themselves both physically and mentally for this with a special exercise plan that consists of three parts:

The Walser gourmet diet

Gourmethost Haller's | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

Acclimatise your stomach well before the beginning of the Gourmet Food Festival so it is ready for all the treats to come:

Breakfast: A glass of fresh milk directly from a local gourmet farmer.
Snack: A slice of cheesecake at one of the gourmet huts.
Lunch: Saltim bocca made from Walser veal and served on a bed of pan-fried vegetables and with a gratin of Styrian polenta pasta (... or another recipe created by one of the gourmet hosts).
Aperitif: Hay aperitif to be enjoyed in the spirit of the local catchphrase ‘mountain hay to stir the senses’.
Dinner: A light meal made with ingredients from the producers of gourmet products with wafer-thin beef, spicy Landjäger sausage and tasty alpine cheeses.

Gourmet training

Gourmet hut Innerer Stierhof | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

Follow this three day plan to ensure that you are prepared physically for the culinary challenges that lie ahead:

  • Day 1: Acclimatise yourself with a walk along the River Breitach between Riezlern and the Walzerschanz (6 km). You can stop off for refreshments at the Waldhaus.
  • Day 2: Activate your muscles and go easy on your knees: From Riezlern, walk up the mountainside for 3.5 hours until you reach the Kuhrgehrenspitze and Kanzelwand, before taking the Kanzelwand cable car back down into the valley. You can stop off for refreshments at the Innerkuhgehren Alp and at the Panoramarestaurant at Kanzelwand.
  • Day 3: Stimulate your metabolism with a one-day mountain tour around the Widderstein, the highest mountain in Kleinwalsertal. You can stop off for refreshments at the Bärgunt hut, the Widdersteinhut and at several alps in Gemsteltal.

The gourmet language course

Gourmet hut Gemstel Schönesboden | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

Languages connect people – ensure you are au fait with the language of gourmets before the Gourmet Festival begins.

[zääma]: together
[zääma guat goo loo]: enjoy together
[luag a mal]: Look! (call of a hunter when stalking prey)
[bsuach uf dr Mittelalp]: a visit to the idyllically located Mittelalp ( a Sennhütte =  hut attached to a mountain dairy farm) between Riezlern and Söllereck.
[chääschnööpfle]: Käsknöpfle (cheese noodles – a pasta speciality with Walser alpine cheese and caramelised onions)
[önsche Walser chuche]: our Walser cuisine (a consortium of 6 spirited Walser chefs)
[haaga]: fence building (an activity from alpine farming where the farmers fence in their animals)

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