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10 May. 2021 · Recuperation | Summer Activities
Vanessa Freytag

5 hikes for a relaxed start in spring

In the valley, green meadows and a variety of flowers await while mountains still seem a bit wintry. A very special time in the spring before the hiking summer fully arrives in Kleinwalsertal. As our bones are a little rusty and we want to prepare for hiking adventures and mountain tops, we have put together the best routes for the first spring tours.

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the best is - the holiday in Kleinwalsertal is coming up! But after the winter break and all thatt sitting in home office, are your bones tired and rusty? We have the perfect hikes to get your legs moving again and to start your holiday relaxed. Just don't overdo it for a start ...

Round trip Gemstel | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen


The first warm-up hike leads us into the Gemsteltal. Starting point is at the bus stop ‘Gemse’ between Mittelberg and Baad which you can reach with the Walserbus line 1. You follow the Gemstelweg in the direction of Baad. The path leads past meadows, over the Breitach and a short distance along the river to the point where the Gemstelbach and Breitach flow together. From here there is only one way to go: into the Gemsteltal!

The view almost takes your breath away and with the Gemstelbach on your left it your hike will be very smooth. After about half an hour you will reach the Naturalpe Gemstel-Schöneboden. Can you already smell the organic ham from their smoker? With an organic ‘Brotzeit’ (snack with bread, cheese and ham) you can watch not only cows but also horses and goats grazing.

After a break in the sun and a view of the Kleiner Widderstein, the Bärenkopf and the Walmedingerhorn, we continue walking towards Bernhard's Gemstelhütte to marvel at the valley’s other side’s panorama - and of course to enjoy the delicious ‘Kaiserschmarrn’! Well saturated, you walk back to Mittelberg slowly and comfortably.

Bärgunttal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen


The right place for anyone with a sense for good food and idyllilc landscapes is the Bärgunttal. On a tour of approx. 4.8 km, you cover a relaxed 192 vertical meters.

The starting point is the parking lot in Baad. You can get there with the Walserbus line 1 to the bus stop ‘Baad’. After crossing the 'Breitachbrücke', your first destination is already signposted - the Bärgunthütte. The path leads along the Bärguntbach with a breathtaking mountain panorama to the Großer Widderstein and Kleiner Widderstein. After about 30 minutes of walking, the Bärgunthütte comes into view.

How about a little refreshment? The hut at 1,408 m has been run by Sabine Ott for several years now. With a lot of love and products from mostly in-house production, she serves culinary delights for large and small appetites - and on the terrace you can wonderfully enjoy the sun. ?

On the way back,at the fork below the hut, choose the slightly shadier panorama path back to Baad. Halfway there, the path leads you to the second gourmet hut: the Alpe Widderstein. Fresh chocolate milk and homemade cakes invite you to chat with the hostess Tini in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. If you have some time, she will tell you more about the philosophy of the Alp and where the fresh products come from.

After a nice chat, the hiking trail continues back to Baad - you have reached your destination and your legs are now ready for the next level of difficulty. ?

Herzsee | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen


The starting point for this leisurely hike is the Auenhütte at the Ifenbahn. The Auenhütte can be reached with the Walserbus line 5 from Riezlern. At the Ifenbahn you keep right and enter the hiking trail.

After about 10 minutes you will reach the artificial snow-making pond - also called ‘Herzsee’ (Heartlake ). Due to the clear water, the ‘Herzsee’ glitters brightly in the sunlight. The path takes you further south through the Rüche-forest. Here the landscape is characterized by open, wild, and romantic forest and rocks that broke off from the Hoher Ifen many years ago. At the edge of the forest, you will be greeted by green meadows and a colorful variety of plants. On a level, the Alpe Melköde comes into view and invites you to rest. Try the Brotzeit (snack) with cheese from their own production - or are you more the type for fresh yoghurt? The milk for this comes straight from the meadow - literally.

After a short snapshot of the imposing view of the Hoher Ifen as well as a short detour to the impressive waterfall, you have the choice to turn back or continue on the way to the Schwarzwasserhütte. But since we want to spare our legs, we make our way back and treat ourselves with a refreshing drink at the Auenhütte

Round trip Breitach | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen


Even on hot days, this tour is a truely refreshing! Equipped with a little lunch bag filled with goodies from our farm shops and direct marketers, you start at the tourist office in Hirschegg.

Via Dürenbodenstrasse you descend to the Breitach in the direction of Mittelberg, where you will be welcomed by the rushing of the water. Surrounded by lush green trees, the cool water and with a view of the Walser mountain panorama, you can stroll comfortably along the Breitach. The ‘Güütschle Platz’ with its wide loungers is ideal for a short break. Close your eyes and let nature work its magic on you or enjoy the snacks you brought with you.

After the relaxing break, continue walking to the Wildentalbrücke and cross it. You follow the Wildentalstraße past meadows and forest strips with a wonderful view of Mittelberg. After about 20 minutes you will reach the junction at the Wildental lift, where you should keep to the left to get back to the Breitach. Then the track takes you straight back to Hirschegg.


With 8.3 km, the tour through Wildental is a bit longer but idyllic- perfect for the second day of your vacation. You start in the town center of Mittelberg. With a view on the Schafalpköpfe, follow the Höflerweg over the Höflerbrücke directly into the Höfle district, from where you can reach the Wildental. Completely surrounded by lush grasslands and flower-strewn meadows, you walk towards the mountains.

The Innere Wiesalpe soon comes within sight, where the Köll family takes care of your well-being. On the cozy terrace you can fully enjoy the spectacular view of the Schafalpköpfe.

Afterwards you either turn around or hike a little further to the Fluchtalpe. The Wildenbach accompanies you on your way there. A little further behind the alp you will reach a magical waterfall at the end of the valley! You have to let that view sink in first? The Fluchtalpe is a wonderful place to linger and watch the cows graze. On your way back you turn left at the fork below the Inner Wiesalpe and take the path towards Schwendlestraße past the Untere Wiesalp with a wonderful view of Mittelberg.

After these leisurely hikes, our joints and muscles are well prepared for exploring the Walser mountains! Whether on a guided tour or on your own: it is important to find your own pace and to start the first few days slowly. After all, we don't want to overstrain our legs right away! Do you already know the 5 tours? You will find more inspiration our tour search.

Young shepherds on the Bärgunt | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Andre Tappe



At the beginning of the Alps season, you will encounter free-range grazing livestock on your hikes. To ensure that you can continue GrenzenlosWandern (borderless hiking) in Kleinwalsertal in the future, we rely on good cooperation on the Alps and pastures. To avoid misunderstandings between humans and animal, you should follow some tips.