Kräutersalz mit Brennnessel

10 Oct. 2017 · Culinary
Martin Schuster

Recipes from the Herbal Kitchen: Nettle Salt

Wild herbs and wildflowers are somewhat like the superfood of the Walser. We'll show you what you can make from them.

In the little shop of Alchemilla Montana, herbalist Lydia Fritz sells products that she crafts with great love and care from local herbs. In addition to a selection of teas, oils, soaps, syrups, and energy essences, you can naturally expect personalized advice. Lydia's knowledge is vast - she knows a little story about each plant and how it can be used in natural medicine.

For several years, she has been studying the healing herbs of Kleinwalsertal, collecting them in the summer, and blending tinctures, ointments, and juices. With a few simple steps, you can also create easy recipes from the healing herbs and wildflowers you find at home.

Kräutersalz mit Brennnessel

Nettle Herb Salt

Fragrant and aromatic, packed with essential nutrients, nettle herb salt is an excellent seasoning for salads, meat dishes, and roasted vegetables. Here's how you can easily make this wonderfully green herb salt yourself.


You will need:

  •  Fresh nettle leaves
  • Salt
  • Mortar

1) Gently pluck and chop the fresh nettle leaves.

2) Place the nettle in a mortar and add high-quality salt. Grind the mixture finely, so the nettle blends with the salt.

3) Let the mixture dry on a plate or flat tray for about 2 days before transferring it into small jars.



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