Wandern Kanzelwand Gipfel | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Bastian Morell

10 Nov. 2023 · Experience nature consciously | Summer Activities
Vanessa Freytag

How to experience nature consciously

The "Experience Nature Consciously" - Code of Conduct for respectful and prudent treatment of nature, fellow human beings and animals in Kleinwalsertal.

Nature is so much more than the backdrop for unforgettable mountain experiences. It is a habitat for animals and plants. It provides drinking water and supplies us with high-quality food. Not only does it provide valuable raw materials, but it also protects us from avalanches and mudslides and regulates the climate. It is up to us to support nature in all that it does for us. One thing is certain, together we can achieve more:

Respectful in NATURE - Conscious with each other - Far-sighted EXPERIENCE.


Marmot in the Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Frank Drechsel
  • STAY ON PATHS AND DESIGNATED ROUTES: If you follow the designated paths and routes, you are sure to come across your favorite places. In this way you also respect protected areas, because many animals and plants need special protection. Especially in winter, any disturbance costs the wild animals unnecessary force they need to survive.
  • AVOID TWILIGHT TIMES: Standing on the top of a mountain at sunrise is a special experience. But the morning and evening hours are also the time when most wild animals are in search of food. If they are disturbed, they get stressed. If it cannot be avoided, please stay on the marked path, do not use a bright headlamp and enjoy the silence.
Cows on the Alp | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Frank Drechsel
  • STAY CLEAN & TAKE YOUR GARBAGE WITH YOUWe think it's obvious: you don't throw trash in nature - instead you take it back home. Please also take organic waste with you, as it is composted much more slowly at high altitudes. You can dispose waste properly at home or in you accomodation. Please keep in mind that there are no trash bins in public places in Kleinwalsertal. 
  • ON NATURE'S TOILET: If you are looking for a quiet place, then please at least 50 m away from water. Bury excrement or cover it with a large stone. Use fallen leaves or recycled toilet paper and put the paper back in a trash bag.
  • ON TOUR WITH A DOG: Is your furry friend always under control, even if they smell marmots, deer or other wild animals? Keep dogs on short leash near grazing cattle. If an attack by a grazing animal is forseeable: leash off immediately. There are numerous dog stations in the valley for the disposal of dog bags. The farmers and alpine farmers will thank you, because manure in meadows and fields contaminates the feed and makes grazing cattle sick.


  • SHOW CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS: Everyone loves to enjoy a special piece of earth for themselves. But most of the time we are not alone. No problem, because in Kleinwalsertal there is enough space. Take your time, clear the way for each other, support when someone needs help and always give a smile. With all this, nothing stands against a relaxing nature experience.
  • VALUE PRESERVATION OF CULTURA LANDSCAPES: Alpine landscapes impress with their contrast: imposing mountain tops and natural forests alternate with valleys and well-tended meadows. Even in Kleinwalsertal, this diverse landscape is no coincidence, but the result of an interplay of natural and cultural landscaping. Behind this is the work of farmers, alpine farming and forestry as well as hunters. With their work, they ensure biodiversity as well as the touristic attractiveness of the valley.  Let's say 'thank you' by staying on designated trails and enjoying regional products.


Hiking Kanzelwand Gehrenspitze | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Bastian Morell
  • SAFE ON TOUR: Whether on a mountain tour in summer or on a ski-tour in winter, anyone who is out in alpine terrain has to be prepared. This includes careful information and tour planning as well as the right equipment. Correctly assessing alpine dangers requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Why not learn from professionals and go on tour with one of the experienced guides?
Skitour in Kleinwalsertal

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