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Spectacular experiences in the Walser mountains, insider tips for trips with the family or news from the valley - that's all in the blog to read. Browse and "leaf through" the Walser summit book of experiences and get inspiration for your next holiday in the valley!

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  • Tour Rund um den Widderstein | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Fotograf: Dominik Berchtold
    • 12/07/2017
    • Summer Activities
    • Sarina Berchtold

    Route Check around the Widderstein

    ‘So, what do you do after work?’ – ‘I put many metres of altitude behind me.’
  • Heuzug im Winter | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Fotograf: Stefan Heim
    • 07/07/2017
    • Culture
    • Stefan Heim

    Looking Back on the Haizuug

    Agriculture used to be the mainstay of existence for the Walser people and in fact the whole of the Kleinwalsertal region. Cattle and dairy farming played a crucial role as it is not possible to grow cereal crops in the valley.
  • Vater & Tochter am Einstieg | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen
    • 26/06/2017
    • Summer Activities | Family
    • Elmar Müller

    On the ropes

    The via ferrata on the Kanzelwand with the large rope bridge is considered the family experience. Learn more about the route and the level of difficulty here.
  • Cafe Seiwald | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Fotograf: Stefan Heim
    • 18/05/2017
    • Culture
    • Stefan Heim

    The coffee brewer of Riezlern

    The café in Riezlern that is now called Café Amely opened shortly before the Second World War. The café’s own success story can be retold by tracing the development of tourism in Kleinwalsertal.
    • 04/04/2017
    • Culinary
    • Martin Schuster

    Recipes from the gourmet chefs

    The proprietors of our local inns and restaurants are giving some of their top secrets away. You can now cook some delicious recipes from our chefs yourself.
  • Gourmet snowshoe tour with Herbert Edlinger | © Kleinwalsertal Tourism eGen | Photographer: Dominik Berchtold
    • 12/03/2017
    • Culinary | Winter Activities
    • Antje Pabst

    Where You See The Word ‘Genuss’, Expect Pure Culinary Pleasure

    Leave everyday life and worries behind with the guided snowshoe hike with a picnic in the snow. Learn more here.
  • Üben am Mooslift | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen
    • 09/02/2017
    • Winter Activities
    • Carolin Schratt

    From Skis to a Snowboard

    The Experiment Snowboard Course with ex-champion Gotthard – one board, two rookies, one insight.
  • Scouting at the VAUDE ski touring camp | © Mountain World Oberstaufen | Photographer: Moritz Sonntag
    • 07/02/2017
    • Winter Activities
    • Gastautor

    Deep-Snow Dreams in January

    Good timing is everything. This definitely applies to the Vaude ski touring camp.
  • Max Hütte  | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Hans Wiesenhofer
    • 12/12/2016
    • Culture
    • Carolin Schratt

    The Magic of the Raunächte

    The hardships of winter that were endured by previous generations must be woven into the DNA of certain people.
  • Herbst im Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen
    • 16/10/2016
    • Summer Activities | Recuperation
    • Sarina Berchtold

    7 Things You Should Do During the Autumn in Kleinwalsertal

    We often mourn the ending of summer a little. The long days when we sat in our t-shirts on the mountainside and looked forward to a cool drink of shandy at one of the mountain huts.