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Spectacular experiences in the Walser mountains, insider tips for trips with the family or news from the valley - that's all in the blog to read. Browse and "leaf through" the Walser summit book of experiences and get inspiration for your next holiday in the valley!

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    • 25/01/2023
    • Culinary
    • Gastautor

    Recipe classic of the Kleinwalsertal: Käsknöpfle

    Enjoy the Walser classics at home, too. Chefs from Kleinwalsertal chat about their recipes. Today in the blog: Käsknöpfle (Chääschnööpfle)
    • 17/01/2023
    • Winter Activities
    • Sarina Berchtold

    Out and About on Narrow Boards on the Cross-Country Skiing Trails

    After discovering ski touring this winter, I have become very open-minded about strapping different types of skis to my feet. My alpine skis were therefore facing new competition last weekend in the form of cross-country skis!
  • Ranger in Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Basti Heckl
    • 10/11/2022
    • Experience nature consciously | Winter Activities
    • Vanessa Freytag

    The Rangers are on their way in Kleinwalsertal

    With the project "Natur bewusst erleben" (experience nature consciously), Kleinwalsertal wants to put the value of nature in the center of public interest. Information, raising awareness and imparting knowledge are intended to motivate us all to be more conscious in our interaction with the natural and cultural landscape. The project is now supported by a team of rangers. What exactly that is, you can read in the following blog article.
  •  Winter hiking family | © Kleinwalsertal Tourism eGen | Photographer: Dominik Berchtold
    • 09/11/2022
    • Family | Winter Activities
    • Carolin Schratt

    Fun and Frolics in the Snow – Top 5 Winter Hikes for Families

    Making snow angels, throwing snowballs and as a reward for puffing and panting your way up the mountainside, whizzing down the slopes at top speed – we all have these sorts of images in our heads when we think back to snowy days of our childhood.
  • Ride with the Grilo's | © Photographer: Chris Gollhofer
    • 08/11/2022
    • Family | Winter Activities
    • Gastautor

    Family fun with the Grilo's at Crystal Family

    The "Grilos" spirit lives on -perfect weather and an unforgettable day at Crystal Family Parks.
  • Hiking on rainy days | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Dominik Berchtold
    • 06/09/2022
    • Summer Activities
    • Louisa Hieke

    11 Kleinwalsertal Rain-Rules

    You have planned your vacation without rain? Do not worry, we'll start with the best indoor and outdoor tips for the sporty, the thirsty and the adventurous!
  • Traditional dairy kitchen in Bernhard's Gemstelalp | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen
    • 30/08/2022
    • Culinary
    • Lena Schuster

    Cheese hike through the Gemsteltal

    Hiking, eating cheese and also learning interesting facts about mountain cheese production - who wouldn't want that? Bernhard Heim - farmer, mountain hut owner and alpine dairyman - leads you after a leisurely hike into his rustic alpine dairy kitchen. ?
    • 31/07/2022
    • Summer Activities
    • Sarina Berchtold

    TIRED LEGS. FIT AGAIN - regeneration for trail runners (and hikers)

    How mountain adventures become success stories for body, mind and soul. Five tips for regeneration during trail running and hiking.
  • Water-treading basin in Hirschegg Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Dominik Berchtold
    • 20/07/2022
    • Summer Activities
    • Vanessa Freytag

    5 refreshing tips for hot summer days

    Summer is here and also in Kleinwalsertal the thermometer is approaching 30 degrees. Most people are drawn out into nature in sunny weather. For a pleasant refreshment in the Kleinwalsertal mountains we have 5 tips here.
    • 07/07/2022
    • Summer Activities
    • Sarina Berchtold

    HOW TO: Trail running for beginners

    How to benefit from running on rough terrain, even as a beginner. Here's how to get started with trail running.