Literature Festival in Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Justina Wilhelm

02 May. 2023 · Culture

BEING on the way between word and valley

"Wandering between word and valley" was the slogan of the first Festival of Literature, which brought me as an author to Kleinwalsertal in 2017, to special reading moments in the nostalgic atmosphere of an oldie bus. Now the third edition of the festival is about to start, which this time I am experiencing from the perspective of a copywriter. The slogan has remained, accompanying the Festival of Literature from "opening up" to "transcending" to the here and now. In connection with this year's motto "being," it even deliberately comes into focus. Because the upcoming Festival of Literature is dedicated to BEING on the move: walking, moving through nature, you can explore a varied program of literature, art and music.

At the beginning of every hike is good preparation. The sports or hiking shoes are ready, the anticipation and curiosity to experience literature and nature packed into a light backpack. The only thing missing is the compilation of your personal route between word and valley and through the diverse program. In order to make this easier for you, I am pleased to give you a preview of the special waypoints of this year's Festival of Literature Kleinwalsertal.

Schwarzwasserhütte | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

Visit the huts of the Alpateliers

You are in Kleinwalsertal the week before the Festival of Literature ? Then it's worth visiting one or more of the five huts that serve as alpine studios for photographer Dominik Buda, musician Philip Yaeger and authors Romina Nikolić, Valeria Anna Lampert and Samuel Kramer. Via the Panorama-Höhenweg to the Bühlalpe, to the Bärgunthütte at the foot of the Großer Widderstein, to the farthest corner of the valley to the Schwarzwasserhütte, along the river to Bernhard's Gemstelalp or up to the Obere Lüchlealpe - let the retreats take effect on you, where the artists stay away from their usual big city life. You might even get a glimpse of their creative day's work when you stop off at one of the huts.

Literature Festival in the Kleinwalsertal | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Photographer: Justina Wilhelm

Alpine works: experience texts, photographs and music in the barn

Back to the valley and into the horse stable of the Biohof Feurstein: At the opening of the Festival of Literature on saturday, the artists will bring to the stage what has been created in the alpine studios inspired by the mountain world, its soundscape, the chance encounters. Across the various fields, they will present their collected impressions - from lyrical observations to photographic snapshots and trombone sounds.

Wandern bei mystischer Stimmung | © Kleinwalsetrtaler Tourismus |Photographer: Andre Tappe

Hiking to unique reading places and through nature

On sunday, you will start your reading hike trough Wäldele and the Schwarzwassertal well fortified after an aperitif at base camp Auenhütte. On the second day of the Festival of Literature, you will choose your own route from three to four readings along unique locations and different literary perspectives on the theme of "being". Along the way, you'll arrive at the idyllically situated Bruder Klaus Chapel, among other places, or at the Auenhütte think tank, where students from Kleinwalsertal, Bregenzerwald and Allgäu will present a sequel story that transcends mountains and borders.

Listen to the "song of the gardens" at the herb farm.

Or you can always follow the smell of fresh herbs to the Alchemilla Montana farm of the herbalist Lydia Fritz. There Antonie Schneider reads her HILLEL - Song of the Gardens, a poem in which you learn about loss, lust, being driven away and longing. With a view of the blooming garden, Frauke Kühn will talk with the West Allgäu author after the reading about her projects, in which she repeatedly seeks connections to other art forms.


About the demolished soul of a hotel heiress 

In front of the panoramic view of the library of Hotel Das Küren, in turn, Verena Roßbacher's reading from her novel Mon Cheri and our demolished souls transports us to a dusty hotel in Bad Gastein. Witty, quick-witted & disoriented - that's how the main character Charly walks through life and with him the big questions of being are explored: Birth, death & the meaning of life.

The novel by Verena Roßbacher was awarded the Austrian Book Prize in 2022.

Jazzorchester Vorarlberg | © Jazzorchester Vorarlberg

From reading place to reading place, it is a five to fifteen-minute walk through the forest and alpine meadows. Time to let what you have heard sink in or to talk to other visitors. The hike between word and valley finally culminates in the evening in the final literary and concert experience with the Jazzorchester Vorarlberg.

Literaturfest Kleinwalsertal 2019 | © Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen | Fotograf: Philip Herzhoff

Your hiking and literature route through this year's Kleinwalsertal Festival of Literature could look like this or somewhat similar. But there is much more to discover in the program, so feel free to browse further before you lace up your sports or hiking shoes in June. I hope you enjoy listening to readings and music in unique places, meeting the artists, moving around, immersing yourself in the here and now, in the moment - in BEING.

This blog article was written by Sarah Rinderer

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